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Things You Should Never Wear To A Christmas Party

Holidays are indeed the best time of the year. The shopping, the presents, the dinners, and the parties all keep your calendar pretty full. Everyone wants to dress their best for the parties. However, figuring out what is appropriate can be a bit of a challenge. You do not want to look too casual or go over the top. It also depends on the type of gathering whether it is an official party or just some friends gathering.

The good thing is that you can easily get something stylish at a decent price. The coupons around this time of the year are exceptionally great. You can buy whatever is in your wish list. However, there are a few things that are downright a no-no for a Christmas party. Here is what you got to leave in your closet when dressing up for a party:


Unless you have a shift at Santa’s Village, avoid wearing a costume to a Christmas party at work or with family. You can perhaps work off the colors of Christmas but do not wear a Santa hat or an elf costume to a party. It can look too costumey which is fine when it is a Halloween gathering. 


Casual T-shirt

Anything that is very casual may not be the smartest choice to wear at an official party. Even if you are just seeing friends or family at the party, wear something semi-formal at least. If you just throw on a simple t-shirt over denim, it looks like you do not want to put any effort into your wardrobe. You might as well not go to the party altogether. 

Ball Gown

Just like it is not appropriate to wear something too casual, it is not cool to wear something too fancy. Wearing a ball gown or a fancy dress is not the ideal choice. A dress is fine as long it is not too sparkly or heavy. The best choice would be to wear something in solid colors or a little bit of embroidery or lace. 

Conservative Suit

You do not want to look like you are at the party to pitch a new sales plan. That goes for both the men and the ladies. Ditch the conservative suit and opt for something more vibrant. If it is a ball, men should wear suits. Otherwise, keep it a bit business casual and show the world how you can play with different layers. 


This is true that athleisure and traditional sportswear are now quite acceptable even at parties. However, you should avoid that for a Christmas party. It is not really your regular night out at the clubs that you can rock some track pants with a bomber. You should look a bit more formal. At most, you can wear sneakers but not those designed for running or playing soccer. 

Baggy or Grungy Jeans

Depending on the kind of party, you might just get away with a pair of jeans. However, they should be more basic and conservative. Opting for baggy, over-distressed or grungy jeans is not the best move for going to a holiday party. If you like sporting your denim, wear it with something formal like a georgette top or shirt. 

Basic Sweater

Winter is the perfect time to wear those cozy sweaters that hug your skin, keep you warm, and look quite cool as well. However, for a party, they may be a little too casual. Plus, Christmas is the time to dress your best. All those dresses and intricately detailed tops you have hanging in your closet, holidays are the best time to put them to use. Speaking of sweaters, also avoid those tacky holiday sweaters unless you are going to take a family portrait.

Anything That Lights Up

You do not want to be the center of attention, there is a beautifully decorated Christmas tree for that. Never wear anything that has a battery attached to it. Not only is too over the top but also dangerous. The last thing you need at a party is your clothes catching fire. 


Unless you are fine with tripping in the snow, it is best to keep those yellow-high heels stay in the closet. Christmas parties can be quite crowded and you do not want to stumble pushing through the crowds. Also, it is best to wear something comfortable. Heels are good as they look more formal but not those really pointy high ones that God knows how models on the runway walk with. 

A Lot Of Jewelry

Keeping it simple is the new beautiful. You might be tempted to wear your chunky and glitzy earring. After all, it is Christmas time and everything is lit up. However, if you want to look stylish you should opt for a few pieces of jewelry to complement your outfit. Anything big and sparkly will kill the look and make you look like a bridesmaid or a bride perhaps. 

The Trick To Looking Your Best

Dressing your best for the party should not be too hard. First, you need to determine how formal this party is. Then choose an outfit according to the nature of the party.

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 You can play around with layers and colors as long as everything comes together. Lastly, be yourself and smile as a smile can make you look even better. 

Published On: December 17, 2018