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7 Effective Tips and Tricks When Buying Work Wear

For a working woman, it is very important to look put-together at all times. This can only happen if you select the right attire for work. There are various factors that play their part when it comes to deciding how you want to carry yourself to work. You need to keep your professional settings, your body type as well as your position in mind. Clothes for working women range from casual to business formal. To select the right piece of clothing, you need to know the different types of attire working women wear. 

7 Effective Tips and Tricks When Buying Work Wear

Types of working women attire: 

There are several variations when it comes to working women attires. You would need a combination of these to build an outstanding office wardrobe.
  • Casual 
  • Smart casual
  • Business casual
  • Business professional
  • Business formal 

Following are the tips to follow when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit for work. Use these tips and buy from top work wear brands and you will be the envy of the entire office.

Purchase the pieces that carry you throughout the year: 

There are many ways to look composed and professional without spending hundreds of dollars. If your office settings are casual you can look chic yet elegant on budget by mixing and matching subtle and bright colored outfits you have in your closet. You can pair a bright colored t-shirt with black or blue jeans or pants to look chic yet professional on budget.

For smart casual dressing, you can layer up with bright colored blazers or any other solid outerwear with a subtle colored top or t-shirt to put together a stylish outfit. You’re likely to find such outfits at Vince Unfold. These can be bought for a discount with Vince Unfold promo codes.  For business casual attire, you can pair a chiffon blouse or button down shirt with a pleated or silk pencil skirt. This outfit carries you through colder and warmer seasons. You can add more layers to it by wearing a warm pair of tights under your skirt and throw a wool cardigan or coat on the top. This way you don’t need to revamp your wardrobe from scratch when the weather changes.

To dress for a conservative office setting like a bank or an accounting firm, try to pair crisp cotton shirts with skirts or slacks in basic colors. To put together a great business formal outfit, go with the darker colors in sequin and velvet. 

Accessorize the right way: 

You can add life to a bland and boring outfit by accessorizing with the right type of accessories. You can spice up your casual outfit with chunky jewelry and belts to make a statement. For a smart casual outfit, you can go for layered necklace with hoops for earrings, you will find plenty of them for a reasonable price with the Bodega discount code. Go for a classic black or brown leather belt to complete your outfit. Business casual attire requires you to keep it subtle yet stylish. Therefore, you should adorn your business casual outfit with small necklaces and not-too-heavy bracelets. For business professional outfits, stick to the basic gold and silver jewelry. Since business formal outfits are reserved for award functions and official ceremonies, you need to accessorize them with statement jewelry pieces as well as accessories for hair.

With the right kind of jewelry, you can look a million bucks without having to spend a fortune on your work clothes.

Shop during the off-season: 

Clothing items are available at the cheapest rate during the end of the season sale. Make sure to stock up on your favorite pieces during the sale season. Try to purchase the bottoms that you can pair with a variety of tops. Go for high quality tops and T-shirts that carry you season after season. Go for the quality clothing items even if you have to pay some extra dollars. You also have the options of using coupons to get 50% off Mackintosh and other retailers that produce quality office wear. In any case, quality items are available at the most reasonable rates during the sale season. This way, you will save a lot while revamping your summer or winter wardrobe.

Don’t follow the trend: 

Trends come and go. An item that’s trending today might not be in fashion after a few months. It is not wise to spend money on an item that you won’t be wearing a lot. Go for the basic clothing items that stay in fashion year after years. Go for subtle colors rather than purchasing blouses or pants in neon or bright colors. Choose solid pieces rather than going for the patterned ones. You won’t have to give them away when the trend goes. Choosing classic pieces helps you save the money you would have to spend on revamping your work wardrobe every year. 

Mix and match: 

If you don’t want to look the same every day, mix and match the staples in your closet. You can pair your blouses with pants, slacks, jeans and skirts. Accessorize your outfit differently if you have to repeat. Wear your t-shirt with pants one day and pair it up with a pleated skirt another day. Complete your street style vibe by wearing sneakers or wear heels to add a professional touch to your outfit. This way you can look different every day without spending a lot of money. 

Purchase clothes according to your professional settings: 

If you work in a casual office environment, you can wear a casual t-shirt and sweatshirts with pants to work. If you work within a smart casual setting pair heels with your casual outfit or go for subtle colors. For Business casual settings, pair solid colored suits with bright colored blouses and tops. For business professional settings, you need to add more two piece suits to your work wardrobe. Purchase classic sequin or velvet dress to turn heads at business formal events.

Purchase clothes according to your position: 

Sometimes your position at work requires you to dress differently than the rest of the employees. This happens when you are working at administrative or managerial level. You need to dress more professionally as compared to the team work under your supervision. You have to meet clients and attend meetings. 

Therefore, your work attire needs to be professional. Purchase blazers, wide legged pants in georgette, some formal blouses and you are good to go. All these items can be bought at the most reasonable rates during the sale season or with the help of discount coupons. 

Purchase clothes that suit your role at work: 

Sometimes your job requires you to sit in front of the computer screen for 8-9 hours. The other times you need to give presentations in front of your CEO and sometimes you have to meet clients on a regular basis. Your job role is one of those factors that plays an important role in deciding what to wear. If your job is sedentary, you can easily go on with repeating your outfits. You can dress casually if your job role requires you to work on the computer all day. However, if you have to present in front of the stakeholders of your company on a regular basis, you need to dress professionally. Your wardrobe needs to have more business professional and business casual outfits. Same goes for the professionals who have to meet clients on a day to day basis.

Look professional yet chic but don’t go out of your pocket. Wait for the sale season or collect saving coupons to add more value to your purchases.

Published On: May 05, 2020

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