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Ellesse Review—Is This Celeb Certified Brand Worth to Be In Your Closet?

Whether you have been brand conscious or not, but when it comes to certain things, you can’t compromise having the comfort and class that a brand can provide.Specially, while doing physical activities like hiking, playing outdoor games and others, everyone’s priority is to get some tranquil pieces that are enough to accelerate the fun-time instead of making it spartan.Tho, we understand your concerns regarding how expensive these branded apparel and accessories are, but if you shop smartly with great search so you will be lucky enough to get to the right shopping platform. And the only reason to bring Ellesse review for our community members is to facilitate them with authentic information regarding the brand.

What we Went through to Make Ellesse Review Worthful and Authentic?

We truly believe in proper research while keeping focus on small and huge aspects regarding the brand. Whether it’s just about the payment methods the brand offers or big-bang discounts, we leave no stone unturned to grab tiniest details and let our users know brand and its services closely. And this whole review got researched and designed in a way that it can be provide answer to all the queries of our community members, which we usually get through emails or messages.To cover all or their negatives and positives, we went through some review based authentic websites and other resources to give an unbiased review of Ellesse.

Review Of Ellesse‘s Background, Products, and its Collections

The brand is all about clothing, shoes, and accessories that are made to serve people comfort, class, and satisfaction while playing outdoor games like specially tennis. Back in 1959, an Italian tailor Leonardo Servadio designed skiwear for himself, as he couldn’t find the one that he wanted, this is how this rand came into being. From then till now, the brand has seen many ups and downs, but they never failed to impress their wearers. From their iconic logo to the quality, style, and flair, they have put every effort to make this brand one of its kind and yes the succeeded in this mission too. Till date, Ellesse has sponsored many of the sports teams like Italian Soccer Team who was the winner of the 1982 World Cup in Spain. With loads of Positive Ellesse reviews, this brand is also one of the top shopping spot for tennis players and people who loves to have authentic tennis apparel kit.

photo credit: asianjunkie

Their collection isn’t just about sports, but the comfort and luxury with touch of style makes this brand top pick for the people who love going forward keeping fashion and class hand-in-hand. 

Detailed Review of Ellesse Collections:

Heritage Collection: It has apparel for men and women, both and it’s inspired by their rich sportswear heritage. Every piece of this collection can surely brought flair and style to the ski slopes and tennis courts. Its Ellesse’s engaging way of shaping the future by honoring their past.

Italia Collection: Its limited edition of sportswear that is of premium quality, sophistically designed and tailored in amazingly Italian manner. Pieces in this collection aren’t ever overdone, all Italian collection items are perfect blend of flair, function, style, and form.

Sports Collection: Whether you are going to hit gym hard or in full swing for a night out on the tiles, Ellesse spots collection is all set to surprise you with its style and comfortless. This collection has ONLY men sporting apparel that has been given a 21st century over-haul by taking advantage of modern fabrication and technology.

photo credit: thedailycloth

Tennis Collection: The brand has been worn by lots of tennis players in the court and it has been one of topnotch brands that looks made for the smashing beauty of that tennis court. Tennis collection has apparel for men and women, both.

photo credit: zimbio

Review Of Celebs Who Love Wearing Ellesse Apparel and Accessories

Jerry Williams wore Sable Bodysuit at The Great Escape festival

Feliciano Lopez won Queens wearing Ellesse tennis apparel

Jessie J looked magical wearing Ellesse bodycon dress

Tony Yayo performed with spark on stage with 50 Cent, he spotted wearing Montefello T-shirt

Monica Puig is full charge paying tennis in court, the girl knows how to look incredibly classy in court.

Ellesse Review: How We Rate Services, Products, and Discounts Of This Brand

Ellesse Size Chart Can Make Every Plus Size Happy and Satisfied

It’s one of the best parts about this brand. They aren’t just about normal sizes as most of the brands are, instead they have great variety of plus size apparels well. All curvy women and big men can easily find and purchase great quality sports apparel at Ellesse. Right here, you can look at their size chart:

This is the reason why we have given this brand’s size chart 5 stars!

Review of Ellesse’s Returns Policy—it’s Better For UK Customers

Tho, the store offer free returns to all of its UK orders, we still gave them 4.5 stars as all the international customers will not be able to return items for free. The brand doesn’t also offer exchange, but they do offer refund that will take 30 days to get processed after Ellesse receive return products safely and under their policy of returns.  Customers will need to return items they didn’t like within 30 days from the date on which their parcel got shipped to them.

Ellesse Has No SALE Section, But Delightful Discount Offers

Like other brands and stores, Ellesse doesn’t have a sale section for its consumers. But, they do offer great discounts occasionally and often their huge saving deals can be availed. From time-to-time, Ellesse 10% Off site wide discount codes can be easily accessible when you get subscribed to trustworthy couponing resources. ClothingRIC  isn’t just about couponing, but we strive to present authentic reviews of brands and stores to our users and then try to serve them brands’ and stores’ coupons that our visitors are in search of.

You can also get saving deals and discounts on particular products like: 60% Off on trainer shoes and etc. So, don’t feel down thinking that Ellesse doesn’t offer sale section, as their incredible discounts offers are much appreciated and loved by their customers. You can also get discount on celebrity style swimsuits from top swimwear stores.

Review of Ellesse’s Pros and Cons is an Important Aspect


  • They have plus size for men and women both
  • Elesse offers 30 days return policy to get refund or exchange
  • All UK orders will get free shipping
  • It’s a celebrity certified brand
  • Occasionally customers can get huge discount offers
  • Their sports and tennis collection for men and women are exceptional
  • All the products are of high-quality
  • Their customer service is responsive and stays eager to resolve consumers problems and issues


  • International orders will have to pay shipping charges
  • Domestic and international customers need to return charges
  • Their price tags are quite high
  • They don’t offer sale section

Contact Information of Ellesse

Address: Ellesse

C/O Focus international LTD

Focal Point North/Longwood Rd.


HD3 4EY, United Kingdom

Email address:

Contact Number: +44 (0) 1905 427969

Customer Reviews for Ellesse Services and Products:

We hope that this beautiful soul have tried connecting to the customer service before presenting her purchased product to a friend. However, we must say 3 three cheers to the customer service of Ellesse!

Yes! We agree that Ellesse products are pricey, but the quality, style, and class this brand offers is rare to find. It would be much better if customers grab coupon codes and saving deals from ClothingRIC and enjoy paying discount price at the checkout

Now that’s we call a perfect shopping experience! And shout out loud for the brilliant customer service of Ellesse that has been appreciated by verified customers.


We have given final rating of 4.6 to this quality-clothing store. Ellesse doesn’t have party clothing, but they are master in the variety of apparel, shoes, and accessories which they design andproduce.

Ellesse knows how to design luxurious and classic casual and sports wearable. This is why, we strongly recommend our users to experience the level of comfort by purchasing Ellesse clothing and shoes. However, their shipping and return policy isn’t that fascinating and attractive, but the best part is that Ellesse is a reliable source to shop bit pricey but most amazing clothing, accessories, and shoes. They aren’t offering dscounts every other day, but they do offer saving deals and coupon codes often, so the consumers can get what they want in much affordable price range.

photo credit: squarespace

Here, we are done with unbiased review of Ellesse and hope that it will be useful and satisfying for your soul and wallet. Don’t just forget to share your experience with Ellesse in the comment section below. Have great and sporty week ahead, cheers!

Published On: July 10, 2017

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