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Six Comfy and Chic Mom Approved Shoes

Pregnancy is the most beautiful and memorable period of women’s life but a very painful time too. Being pregnant means constantly putting on weight, mood swings and swelling of feet that suck the most. For mom’s to be it can be very challenging to move around due to the increase in weight which puts pressure on joints, which results in joint pains, lower back pain and swelling of feet, which also makes them a size larger. This means that you don’t get to wear your old shoes or heels, the new moms go through same problems although their feet are not swollen anymore then again it is difficult to balance baby when you are sporting stilettos, plus it will kill your back all the same. 

Therefore the moms to be and new mom opts to stock new shoes that are comfortable and easy to put on, however, this does not mean that you have to sacrifice your style for coziness. Thus we went on a hunt for a perfect pair of shoes for all the pregnant ladies out there and new moms, these shoes have been approved by the mommies around the world and we guarantee you, you will thank yourself for purchasing these pairs.

Ballet flats

Ballets flats are the comfiest and laid-back footwear on the planet, with no hassle of tying and tugging. These flats are chic and available in a variety of colors, which means you can get multiple pairs to go with your wardrobe. Just put them on and you are good to go, in this picture you can see Drew Barrymore rocking these plain black ballet flats at an event. As black is the very versatile color it can be worn over a multitude of different hues and outfits. 


Toms are the most sought-after shoes of this decade, not only pregnant ladies and new moms go for it, but students and regular people also go for it. They are breathable and lightweight, you can walk miles in them without getting blisters or rashes on feet. You can get them in any part of the world and they will amp-up entire outfit with casual chicness.

Flips flops

Though oldie but goodie, flip flops are cute and saves you from brutal lower back pain. Flip flops are great summer shoes and incredible shoe option for moms to be, they can walk in them all day long and it will be worth every cent. You can flip-flop in dozens of different designs and color, do not hesitate to strut in them in malls when Jessica Alba can do, so can you!


You don’t have to go through the struggle of tying laces, these nonskid surface hip shoes are worn by everyone from athletes to students, to moms of toddlers. Sketchers soles are moisture wicking and give stability to the center of balance shift. It also helps with brutal back pains and aching in legs, they are breathable and give feet room to expand. Sketchers are one of the best shoes are out there for pregnant ladies and busy moms who are constantly on move.

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Summer open-toe sandals

In summers you need your feet to breath as much as they can, the sweat can cause a number of infections, what is a better choice than summer sandals. The open toe sandals save your feet from sweat rashes and itches and give room to wriggle, that is why it makes to the list of comfortable shoes for pregnant women as well. These slip on are adorable and relaxing as well, they are suitable for an assortment of dresses and are decent for swelling feet. In the picture, you can see Alison Hannigan wearing tan summer sandals on her maxi dress and looking fabulous as always.

Winter boots

Although summer sandals and flip-flops are incredible and stress-free to wear what about those moms who live in cold areas? Winter booties are awesome for new mommies and pregnant women. They have built-in shock absorber and arch support, the laces free shoes will keep your feet warm and skid free surface will keep yours from slipping and falling on snow and other slippery surfaces. These shoes have a water-resistant surface which makes them easy to clean as well.

These 6 pairs are worth the money, go get them from nearby stores and make the rest of your pregnancy period easy. The new mommies will absolutely love them because they are not only comfortable but fashionable as well; they can be worn over different outfits and will make turn heads of other moms. You can also use promotional codes or get them on sale to save on them.

Let us know in the comments below which pair do you liked the best? Do you have any pair in your closet already, why do you love it? Would you recommend these shoes to other moms?

Published On: September 11, 2018