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A Brief Buying Guide for Bras and Underwear

Whether you’re buying a pair to impress your significant other or for everyday wear, bras and undies are an integral part of your wardrobe. In fact, for the budget-conscious women out there, they are those limited pairs of staples, like blue jeans and a white shirt, that have to be just right. 
We’re sure that you know well enough about the bras and panties that you require. However, don’t be surprised to know that many of the female folk are not as educated on what and how they should buy their undergarments. 
Fear that you’re among them? You don’t have to be. Here’s a quick buying guide for purchasing the right bras and underwear and avail discounts on them: 

Decide on the type you want

Just like in the case of dresses, undergarments also come in a variety of styles. For instance, if you are buying panties, you can choose between briefs, boy shorts, French knickers, thongs, and more. If you’re purchasing bras, you can select from push-up ones, bikini tops, sports bras, etc. 
At the end of the day, the type you prefer depends on what makes you feel and look better. Some women prefer boy shorts because they provide coverage. Others are in favor of thongs because they want to flaunt their long legs. 

Know your size but be flexible

It is essential that you’re aware of what your measurements are. Along with the width of the bra band, the cup size also counts. You can easily measure your bust and hip size at home. While purchasing, take a look at the size guide. Know that one brand’s 32b may work for you well while another'’ 34b does. 
This is why you shouldn’t be so rigid when it comes to the size of your underwear. Sometimes the size of the panty you wear varies based on the type you are buying. To make sure you don’t end up purchasing the wrong size, always try your picks in the changing room before paying and heading out.

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Check the fabric of the piece 

Different women are comfortable in different fabrics when it comes to underwear. Some ladies think of cotton bras and undies as better because they are more heat-friendly while others like Jersey garments because they are stretchable. 
Yet others have only lace underwear because it makes them feel beautiful. Every fabric has pros and cons. Make sure you get the material that you find cozier as well as is a better fit for you. 

Value comfort at all costs

As a woman, you must already know how crucial comfort is when it comes to undergarments. No one likes a panty that is too tight at the crotch or a bra that is not easy to hook. A lot of factors determine how comfortable a piece is for you. For starters, take a look at the band of the garments. 
Is it lace or elastic and which one do find easier? Lace is a bit complex to tie but it doesn't dig into your skin as elastic sometimes does. On the flip side, elastic bands tend to last longer and can fit without any trouble. 

Select based on the reason 

You should pick the type, design, and fabric of your bras and underwear based on the reason you are buying them. For instance, are you buying a bra to wear beneath your gym clothes? Better get a sports bra. Are you planning to wear a classy one on a date night? Pick a pushup bra and thong set. Pro tip: If you’re buying something new, make sure to lookout for discount deal such as coupon codes for Bras N Things.

While the lacey fabric is typically sported on fancy occasions, regular underwear in cotton, jersey or linen is preferred for day to day wear. Many women are ready to somewhat compromise on comfort when they have to wear the undies for a short time.

Prefer quality that lasts

When purchasing your bra and underwear set to pay attention to quality. You don’t want to buy a poor-quality set that doesn’t take any time to turn to threads. Also, since this is clothing that covers your private parts, you really should avoid sketchy nameless brands or buy secondhand items. You definitely don’t want a disease to enter your life. 
However, know that good quality doesn’t always equate to high prices. You can get high-quality pieces with a piece of good fabric and designs at mediocre prices as well. Just do a thorough search and if you are not buying from a trusted seller, check for any defects before purchase.

Don’t worry about your budget

Surely you would have taken out a budget for undergarments’ shopping unless you are rich or a shopaholic. But you don’t have to worry too much about not being able to get enough good pieces for reasonable prices. That’s because you can buy otherwise costly items at a considerably lower price. How can you do that? 
By making use of promo codes you can get 15% Off Harper Wilde and other famous bra and underwear brands. Discount codes, coupons, and deals can help you purchase your underwear for cheaper. This allows you to get the most out of your budget. You can also shop from clearance or special event sales such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday offers.

Buy according to your body type 

You should know which bra type will suit your body type and the same goes for panties. If your bust is heavier at the bottom the balconette or bralette type of bras would suit you well. However, the former may not work for fuller shapes. 
Similarly, in the panty area, if you have a pear-shaped body you should go for thongs, bikini briefs, or high cut briefs. If you have an apple shape, knickers would work best to accentuate your figure. For hourglass figured women, mid-thigh shorts are a good option. 
With this, we’re wrapping up our guide. Do you have any other essential tips to add to the info above? If so, don’t hesitate to educate in the comments.

Published On: April 28, 2020