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4 Budget Approved Tips to Buy Cool Wardrobe for College

Back-to-school is the time full of excitement but brings a little fear of adjustment as well. When it comes to fashion, you want to pick an outfit that’s not only comfy, but also makes you feel super confident throughout the day. You can always create the magic for your college fashion quotient by doing some mix and match of your clothes.

We are all in for how you feel possessive of your personal style, but sometimes it’s good to do experiments with your looks and try new things. May be you will make the new trends your own by just trying it once. Here is your ultimate guide to take inspirations; this will surely make you look incredibly pretty and the cutest among all.

Try variety of pants!!

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Be smart and casual with the pair of jeans, classic blue or black jeans can never be out of fashion and they are indeed a test-proven wardrobe savior. You can also get little daring and try-out some printed or colorful pants such as pink, yellow, red, and etc. You can pair them up with a t-shirt, funky top or any other top of your choice.

Over sized Tops-Looks adorable!!

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Over-sized sweaters are a total luck in so many ways and especially when you have fluctuating weight. It will never get you problem of following dress codes at college and you can do lots of experiment with your accessories. Remember that if your top is oversized then balance it with fitted bottom this will give you a balanced look. You can pair it with skinny jeans, shorts, flouncy skirt or fitted skirt.  With the wide range of colors and patterns you will look amazing with these baggie tops.

Skirts are must to have!!

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Skirts never go out of fashion as they have the vast variety of cuts, shapes and sizes. No matter what the season is, there are always options available at your favorite stores. They are easy to carry, and you will look cute and super-cool no matter which one you pick, the short one, the knee length or a full length skirt. Body-hugging tops tucked inside the skirt is a relaxed and fashionable way to attend the first day at college. 

Outer Layer-add charm!!

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Lastly, this is a time to let your personality shine by putting on some amazing colors as your upper-layer; it can be a blazer, sweater, long coat, jacket or upper. This addition will give you smart and more of a classy look. Be confident to show off your style, creativity and mood. You can add a scarf (if needed!!) to mark your appearance with the best fashion sense.

How to Buy these Outfits in Reasonable Price??

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Published On: June 27, 2016