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Extreme Couponing Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Practice


For frugal moms, couponing is one of the favorite jobs they wish to do among other house chores. They take frugal living as a challenge and as a whole study which they want to get ahead of. Before a normal person transforms into frugal expert, there will be a certain amount of deals that will go wrong. Frugal followers however just not stop and keep trying their best to live up to the business strategies and save maximum in every season sale and on routine kitchen budget.
Even if you are on the mid-level of extreme couponing, you must have overcome all these mistakes already. But have you reminded your friend who is a newbie in the extreme couponing zone. Here is a remainder for every extreme couponer and for those who are casual until yet.

Too cautious about opportunities:

Couponing comes with lots of amazing opportunities without risk. However, couponers in the beginning are too conscious about details. We say, even if you are trying a new product and its available for discounts and there are some good factors that you can see clearly, go on with it. Manufacturers are Marketers are facing tough competition which is why they are making available discounts all the time. If all seems good, it just might be. Take it.

Don’t let coupons expire and if they do…

It is not unusual for a coupon to get expire in your closet. Even for extreme couponers, coupons with short time limit validity reach the expiration date without getting used. Sharing these coupons however, may be a good idea. If there is more chance of you missing on a sale, hand your coupons to your friends or anyone around. Share the goodness of discount and one day it might come back to you as a surprise when they have limit of their coupon reaching soon.

Move on from folders:

Folder for a coupon is great place. Organizing offers all the good and we have endorsed that at various levels. But its time, we move on from that. Online couponing is frequent and doesn’t take all the extra time to organize. Try to learn all the extra benefits of digital couponing and you will progress much faster in the domain.

Perfect deal is a myth:

All extreme couponers would agree to this that a perfect deal doesn’t exist. Sometimes you have to bend your choices and sometimes you get more than you want. Extra stuff free with coupons is always good and you can share it to increase your friendship value. Not every deal is made according to your preferences but you can always predict and wait for the right to let the opportunity go in your favor.

Buying every good deal is not smart:

That’s how you become hoarder. Even if there are ten great deals that you like in a discount listing, go for only one that you really need. Avoid spending extra bucks’ even extra coupons for the stuff that you might actually never use in near future. Even if you are likely to, wait for the time when you will actually need it. May be it will come in the form of gift or there might be just a better deal coming up.

We hope with the share of this information, we have leaded extreme couponers in the right direction.

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Published On: December 17, 2014