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Choosing Perfect Eyewear | Improved Vision and Incredible Fashion

Eyes are the first feature we notice when we meet someone for the first time. They tell a lot about your personality. People with week eyesight can improve their outlook by choosing the right pair of eyewear. You choice in eyewear have the power to make or break your entire personality. 

Choosing Perfect Eyewear | Improved Vision and Incredible Fashion

Therefore, you need to be very careful while choosing a pair of glasses. Some eyeglasses look attractive on the display in and optical shop, but not so great when you try them. You need to select a pair of glasses that goes with your features and suit the shape of your face. If you want replace your old pair of glasses with a new one, we have some tips for you. You can get quality frames by using Eyedictive coupon codes.

1. Visit an Optician 

 There is various eyesight problems people face. If your vision is blurry, double, cloudy or foggy or you are having frequent headaches, the first thing you need to do is to consult a doctor. Get all the tests done, check the results then choose your frame and lenses. Keep comfort and style in mind before choosing an eyewear for you. 

If you get a simple prescription, then you may not need to worry about the size and weight of your glasses or frame. But for those who have over plus or minus 2 diopters the frame choice will affect the type of eyeglasses, its weight and cosmetic appearance.

Choosing Perfect Eyewear | Improved Vision and Incredible Fashion
Myopic or nearsighted, lenses have three characteristics, thickness on the outside edge of the lens and a thin center, flatter front surface curve. These glasses make the wearers eye appear smaller than they really are. Round is the ideal shape for these lenses but not everyone likes it so rectangular shapes with rounded corners can also be worn. 

Glasses for Hyperopia or Farsighted have three distinct characteristics, thickness in the center of the lens and thin edges and steeper front surface curve. These glasses make the wearers eyes appear to be larger than they actually are. Due to the concentration of thickness in the center a small frame size is recommended but still the most of the weight and thickness will have to be managed with the lens material.

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2. How to Choose the Perfect Frame? 

Choosing Perfect Eyewear | Improved Vision and Incredible Fashion

  • Bridge

Bridge is the part which supports and keeps the frame in its place. If your frame has adjustable nose-pads than it can easily be made narrower or wider. But if it doesn’t have adjustable nose-pads then look for the frame that suits the shape of your nose. 

  • Frame Width

The ideal frame width positions the wearer’s eyes at the center of the lens. The frame width is as important as the bridge for the perfect frame. Minimize the amount of space between your temple and the arms of the frame for the perfect frame width. Too much space in this area will make the frames too wide to securely fit on your face. Moreover, narrowed space will put unwanted pressure on the eyes which will be uncomfortable for the wearer.

3. Eyeglasses for Different Face Shapes

Every face has a different shape so you should choose the eyewear by using coupons and discount that compliments the face of your shape. 
The oval-shaped faces can slay almost all type of frames they like, from glam and tiny glasses to cat-eyes but they should avoid oversized frames. The square shape faces are angular, that’s why they should try the round or oval eyeglasses. Such eyewear will soften and add contrast to the angular face. They should avoid rectangular glasses. 

People with Round face should try rectangular frames. This frame shape makes your face appear slimmer and long. Try to avoid small or oval shaped glasses, they might make you look old or make your face look much bigger. The heart-shaped faces should experiment with different frames. From aviator eyeglasses, butterfly to cat-eye glasses, everything including geometric frames will suit them. they should try geometrical frames.

4. Choose Anti-Reflective Coating

Always choose anti-reflective coating for your lenses. This eliminates annoying reflections, improves night vision, reduces eye strain and makes your eyeglasses look more attractive. AR coating virtually eliminates reflections from the front and back surfaces of the lenses of your eyewear.

Choosing Perfect Eyewear | Improved Vision and Incredible Fashion

Most premium anti-reflective lenses include a surface treatment that seals the anti-reflective layers and makes them easier to clean. Hydrophobic and oleophobic surface treatments repel both water and oil preventing the formation of water spots.

5. Use Progressive Lenses to Look Younger

The right frame can make you look more chic and younger than your actual age. If you choose the wrong frame you might look older than your age. Even the lenses play a huge role in the overall look of your face. If you're over 40, why tell your age to everyone by wearing bifocals or trifocals? You may choose the most fashion forward frame by using Fashion Eyewear Discount Codes according to your face shape and still look older. Line-free progressive lenses provide clear vision at all distances and give older adults a more youthful appearance.

Progressive lenses are designed for the people who view multiple distances and needs correction for distance, up close and everywhere in-between. This problem is generally linked with aging. These lenses not only make you look younger but they are a fashion statement that makes you appear trendy and chic. 

6. 2020 Eyewear Trends 

Some of the eyewear trends from this year are:

  • Clear Plastic Frames

Clear plastic frames are a new hit this season. Their transparency makes them both subtle and hip. They are available in all styles and shapes so you can choose the one that suits you. Plastic black frames add the right dose of sophistication. They make you look a bit nerdy, but still trendy. 

  • Cat Eye

Modern cat-eye glasses continue to pop up in fashion magazines, on the runway, and on our favorite influencers’ Instagram. Black cat-eye frames add a sexy yet ladylike touch to your appearance. They have that bold and chic vintage look that’s hard to ignore. 

  • Double Bridge Glasses

Double bridge glasses are trending at the moment. The retro look of this type of frame instantly adds an original touch! They look stylish, classic and retro. These trending eyeglasses have a circular shape, so they look great on square or heart-shaped faces.

  • Wire Frames

These trending eyeglasses can be worn with absolutely anything. Wireframes add a subtle yet professional touch to your personality. Because of their thin frames, they go with any face shape. 

  • Oversized Round Frames

Oversized glasses can carry almost any kind of style, from classy to cute. Oversized aviator eyeglasses do look vintage and add to the contemporary vibe.

7. Online Frame Finders 

You can find perfect frames online. There are some websites that ask you to take some quizzes through which you can find “THE FRAME” for you. These websites ask you some questions and then suggests frames according to that data. You can also virtually try these frames by uploading your picture at the end of the quiz and see how the frame will look on you.

You can also save your money to be spent on visiting a specialist who suggests the frames for you. Some of these websites also gives discounts on some frames. Overall these online frame finders are both economical and advanced ways of finding the perfect fit for your face shape and style. You can use Online frame finders to find the perfect frame and then order it from the same website.

Specs can either make or break your style, that’s why there is no need to rush. Choose wisely to give your appearance a new tweak.

Published On: September 14, 2020

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