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FootShop Review—What this Brand Conscious Store Has for Its Customers?

No matter what gender and age group you belong to, it’s quite natural that each one of us wants to look extraordinary. And for that, appropriate styling is the key, when you want to make an impact.  Many people have closet full of clothes and they believe that a great outfit is all they need to look stunning, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Whether it’s your school, college project; UNI assignment; office presentation; or even your whole look, in everything little details matter BIG-TIME. And, frankly speaking, shoes aren’t even small details. So, if you want to look ravishing, pay attention to your shoes as well. They should speak loud and clear about your personality and sense of styling.

Normally, its bit easier to get formal footwear as there are lots of brands offering huge variety of styles, class, and sophistication. But the real game of shoes began, when you need to have a splendid casual shoes closet and you don’t get where to purchase branded casuals in much affordable price. That’s the moment when things get easier for unauthentic stores and they scam with you. So, be alert and before making purchase do look around for un-paid reviews or for the ones whose facts and figures speaks volumes and then purchase accordingly.

However, to help all tads and mature people out there, we have brought an unbiased review of Footshop. It’s a place filled with almost every biggie of shoes industry, but people are still concerned whether Footshop is scam or legit. This is the reason we thought to bring our point of view in the limelight and help our community members. Let’s get into it and come out with the best conclusion:

What FootShop is all About?

It’s a store from Czech Republic that has branches in many countries and they take online orders from all over the world. The store has immense variety of renowned brands, so customers won’t need to go from one brand to another. Once customers get into Footshop’s online or physical store, they will find almost every reliable and trustworthy brand in most affordable price. The store is actually known as sneaker house, but they also have clothing and accessories. Brands like Adidas Originals, Converse, Nike, New Balance, Puma, and plenty of others are easily accessible at this online platform. That’s not all about this popular sneakers’ store, but more intense information for customers is yet to be discussed in detail. So, without a much, let’s get into the review of Footshop’s rating chart and understand their services nad products closely.

Review of How Much Rating We Gave To FootShop 

Their Shipping Policy Is Not Something that Make All Customers Happy

The store offer free shipping to limited number of destinations like UK, Spain, Germany, France, and others. And this free shipping option is available to these countries when they exceed some particular amount of shopping at this store. US customers will only have chance to get free shipping when there the store will offer some free shipping coupon code. Other than that, sadly, US customers will need to pay delivery charges that are $19.00. But yes, their shipping service is quite fast and dispatch goods within 24 hours of getting order for it.

Payment Options:

Now that’s a thing where they are keeping many sides open and accept number of payment methods, which is plus point for their customers. The acceptable payment methods at Footshop are:

  • Paypal
  • Credit Card (for EU orders only)
  • Bank Wire

Review of Their Returns Policy—Its Good But Not Great

The store offers both, refund and exchange. But customers will need to send back goods within 30 days of purchase. And customers will need to pay for returning the products. In case, if there is some manufacturing fault in products that you purchased or the product isn’t of good quality or causing issues ,you can send them back anytime even after the 30 days time period of returns. And once the store will receive the item, they will check it and if your allegations are right, so they will exchange or refund as per your choice.  

Quality of Products is On-Spot—It’s All About BIG Brands

We have read plenty of customer’s reviews, verified ones, but there no such review that has said something wrong about the quality of products they received. The reason is: Footshop has all the brands that are king of their ring. These brands never compromise on quality, manufacturing, and brining style to their wearer wardrobe.

Review of Footshop Discount Offers—You Can find Them All Year Long

Finally Footshop has something to cherish its customers. The store stays generous to its customers all year long by providing amazing sale section. Their sale section has variety, class, style, and swag. All products are distributed in four different sections, which are: Last Chance, 20% to 40% Off, 40% to 50% Off, and above 50% Off. And these all discount/sale items are also available in one section called All Sale.

On the other hand, if you really want to grab best of the best discounts on your favorite branded sneakers then jump into store’s sale section. If you are eager to grab free shipping discounts and other saving offers at Footshop, make sure you are a subscriber at some reliable couponing resource. Right now, at ClothingRIC, you can find Footshop 10% Off site wide voucher code. These offers and much more can be nabbed and can keep you smiling at checkout.

Customers’ Reviews Regrding FootShop Products and Services

It’s time to hear what Footshop customers are saying. We tried our level best to feature reviews that can be helping hand for our readers while they are making decision whether to shop at Footshop or not. We have searched from the trusted and reliable websites for these reviews, here you go:

This can be your case too, so make sure that you are ordering the right size because at Footshop, you will be responsible for paying shipping and return charges. So, before placing order, do measurements in centimeters too.

Hmm! We hope Footshop is reading this and they will fix whatever the issue is ASAP!

Great sales reps, good products and the quality seems to be very good. However they the most confusing membership club and receipt system I have seen.. the Cashier had to call the manager to explain how the disc.jpg

YES! Their customer service is very helpful and makes customers feel comfortable while clearing their confusions and telling them the right options they can shop. But as he mentioned, do cross check for prices.


We won’t say that it’s a bad idea to shop here neither we say it’s the ultimate choice. But yes, we must say that you can give this store a try if you love to have branded sneakers collection. The smart move will be if you shop from their sale section to save atleast your shipping cost. Footshop don’t usually offer free shipping, but you can treat sale discount as your shipping cost. However, their return policy is also not in much favor of their customers but they stand behind their products as they also accept returns that really have issues and sort out all the problems even after 30 days. As we earlier said, all top brands are there, so you can expect superb quality products.

Final call will be yours; we will be happy if this review of Footshop remained helpful to you. But don’t forget to share your experience with us when you shop at Footshop or you can also share your experience with this store in comment section below if you have ever purchased anything from them. Help more people with your good/bad experience, they may learn something great and keep their money safe with money or wardrobe safe with stylish additions!

Published On: July 19, 2017