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Is It Time For Forever 21 To Get Back At Designers?

It has been 50 times for Forever 21 to find itself caught in the middle of lawsuits for copying designs. Though, the brand has not completely suffered in proceedings of law suits and managed to come out of law suits almost every time, it did cost the brand identity crisis.

Photo Credit: refinery29

Now, Forever 21 gets to be a trademark violation victim as the news of Saint Laurent copying its design is all viral. As Style Blogger Nicolette Mason reported it, the brand’s mini dress with lipstick from 2013 was recently displayed in designer collection by Saint Laurent and the similarity between two designs can’t be a co-incidence. The real concern for the consumers however, is not the copied design and style but the price tag which accounts for a huge difference. The style once retailed for $23 by Forever 21 will now cost $3,490 with Saint Laurent.
As much as it amuses the buyers, we wonder what’s Forever 21 stand on the news? The brand can finally initiate a law suit against a designer brand. Though the occurrences will depend on the trade mark status for the particular design, speculations are that Forever 21 may come out strong on this. Last year the brand took a stand against smaller clothing labels for using their logo and designs. Is it a new chance to for Forever 21 to battle mainstream designers?

Published On: September 05, 2015