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Freein SUP Review: Worth the Money?

Are you a summer person? Do you love the beach and water sports? Want to try paddleboarding? Don’t worry, if you are a beginner. You don’t need to invest in a hard traditional paddleboard to find out if this activity is for you. There are much cheaper options available in the market. One such option is inflatable paddleboards. You will find hundreds of brands in the market selling standup paddleboards. However, if you want to make the most of your time in the water, you should invest in a high-quality inflatable paddleboard. According to the Freein SUP review, Freein inflatable paddles boards are one of the best options you will ever find.

Freein SUP Review: Worth the Money?

Whether you want to relax, invigorate, or just want to take up paddle boarding as your new hobby, you won’t regret investing in Freein iSUP. This inflatable paddleboard is designed to be used by people of all skill levels and ages. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time trying standup paddle boarding, with inflatable SUP you can learn this sport in a matter of time.

Freein SUP Review: Worth the Money?

In this article, we are going to provide our readers with an honest Freein SUP review. So, without further ado, let’s find out if Freein iSUP is a good inflatable SUP option. 

According to Freein paddle board reviews, is it worth your money? 

People often wonder if inflatable SUPs are any good or if they are worth it. It’s because they compare these SUPs with traditional hard paddleboards. The truth is, both of these SUPs are good. However, the problem with hard paddleboards is they require a lot of storage space and it is not convenient to carry them as you travel. On the other hand, inflatable SUPs may not appear as sturdy but they are convenient to store and transport. They offer you the same surfing experience that hard paddle-boards offer. 

So let’s see why customers write positive Freein paddle board reviews:

  • Manufactured with high-quality material: 

Since their introduction, inflatable SUPs are getting more popular in the market with every passing day. Today, we have a variety of options available. However, the quality varies with brand and prices. The majority of these SUPs are designed using single layer fabric. However, Freein SUPs are manufactured using double-layer fabric. That’s what makes these inflatable SUPs more rigid and durable as compared to the majority of the options available on market. 

  • Advanced iSUP technology:

Freein SUP Review: Worth the Money?

After years and years of research, the experts at Freein have come up with the most advanced technology that has revolutionized the inflatable SUPs industry. With 3D weaving technology Freein has been able to produce the highest quality and sturdiest SUPs that make standup paddleboarding safe and enjoyable for all. This advanced tech ensures that the paddleboard stays in its pristine condition for a long time. This means, once bought, these boards can be used season after season. 

  • Strength:

3D weaving technology renders SUP better strength while keeping it lightweight. It uses long pile yarn threads to join double wall fabric. The breaking strength of these threads is around 1Mpa (10 atm, 145PSI). This 3D weaved structure is not only stiffer, sturdier but light in weight. Lighter weight earns inflatable paddle boards a competitive advantage over traditional hardwood boards. 

  • A cost-effective option: 

Inflatable SUPs can cost you over $1000. However, that’s not the case with Freein iSUP. You can get a high-quality paddleboard for less than half of the price of a traditional paddleboard. The price of these inflatable paddle boards is $399. Freein iSUP offers you both quality and affordability in one product. 

  • Comes with all accessories:

Freein SUPs are the best for those who have just got into standup paddleboarding. The Freein 10’6 iSUP package comes with all those accessories you need to get paddleboarding. It comes with an extra blade, backpack, kayak seat, double-action pump, repair kit, and an ankle leash. You can enjoy this amazing water sport by ordering the Freein 10’6 iSUP package today. It has all you need to get started. 

  • Warranty:

Exceptional customer support is another reason why these boards stand out among the other options in the market. That’s another reason behind positive Freein paddle board reviews. This company supports its customers in case they face a problem. It has a warranty in place for that purpose.

 If the package doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations, he can ask for a refund. Freein sells all its products under 2 years of warranty. With 30 days money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that your money will be refunded if you are not satisfied with the quality or build of the product. 

How 3D weaving technology makes Freein iSUPs different from the rest of the options? 

Inflatable boards need to be sturdy. Freein had been working for years to create a new technology that not only makes these paddle-boards sturdy but long-lasting. Using the 3D weaving technology, this company has been able to manufacture lighter, stiffer, stronger and more responsive paddleboards that make stand up paddle boarding possible for all. 

Freein SUP Review: Worth the Money?

  • DWF (double wall fabric): 

Using 3D weaving technology, this company has been able to achieve a new sturdier material to manufacture even superior SUP boards. This material is DWF or Double Wall Fabric. It has a 3D hollow structure that keeps the board light in weight but offers the support and shape that paddleboarders require to surf safely. 
With the help of 3D weaving technology, the two fabric layers are joined together. These layers are connected with pile yarns. Each pile yarn thread has the same length. This ensures the maximum distance between the two layers of base fabrics. This symmetry offers the desired 3D hollow structure, exceptional flexibility, dimensionally-stable and smooth surface. 

What is the Freein SUP shipping policy? 

Freein SUP ships to sixty countries all across the world. It has its warehouses and agents all across the world. When you order your SUP, you will get your board shipped from your local warehouse. It takes 2-3 hours for the company to handle your orders. The standard shipping time is 4-7 business days. This company uses UPS, DHL and FedEx to ship your orders. 

Are there any Freein SUP Discount Codes? 

Freein offers regular discounts on its inflatable paddleboards. In fact, the majority of its best selling articles are on sale these days. You can also avail Freein SUP discount codes to make your paddleboard purchase more worthwhile. These discount codes can be found on the Freein SUPs website or other online coupon platforms. 

What Freein SUP review says about its quality and service?

Whoever shops from Freein iSUP, always share a good Freein SUP review. Customers praise this product not only for its quality but for the strength it holds. Being the lightest in weight, customers find these paddleboards easy to carry. They are easily portable as they don’t take up a lot of space. Freein iSUPs come in a package with all those accessories needed to assemble the paddleboard. Even beginners find it easier to use.

Wrapping up! 

Who doesn’t want to enjoy water sport activities in the summer season? We all do. Standup board paddling is one of the most enjoyed summer water sports. Each year thousands of people head over to beaches all across the world to enjoy this amazing activity. If you want to travel with your standup paddleboard, you need to give up on traditional paddling board options. Freein offers a great alternative to traditional hardwood paddleboards.

Freein SUP Review: Worth the Money?

Inflatable paddleboards are lighter in weight and exceptionally easy to carry as you travel. Freein SUPs are not only travel-friendly but also budget-friendly. They cost you half of their general market price. Being eco-friendly and light in weight, these SUPs have earned positive Freein SUP review. So if you are planning to take SUP as your new hobby, we suggest you to invest in Freein SUP.

Published On: November 09, 2020

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