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How To Take Steps Towards Alexa Chung Fashion

For most fashion models, their professional journey would end whether in Hollywood or in the history of magazines. But norms do seem to fail when a talented personality doesn’t stop to believe in the change and progress. Alexa Chung is one of the best example of when passion meets vision as her first steps as model on the ramp has taken her far and up to the level of becoming a Vogue Editor. And Not everyone gets there.

Photo Credit: vogue

Diving deep in to the biographies, interviews and her Instagram, we have found her simple. But not care free, Alexa do cares about her hair and makeup but her confidence strikes when she sticks to her preferences and trends don’t seem to take her identity away.

From the life of a young and inspiring Vogue Fashion Editor, we have stolen some perfect fashion moments for you to follow:

1. Spicing Up Buttoned Collar 

Many times, we see the sweater pairing up with the buttoned shirt and necklace coming along. Looks fabulous but it has kind of become a regular. So, if you want to go out like a fashion pro and in the button shirt, do it with a dark net top like Alexa. The dark orange top may seem like the key player in the first glance but the roll of perfect combination for shirt under is no less important.

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2.    Doing Darker and Lighter colors together

Collecting pieces from different designers and stores and then mix matching it, is not what every woman can do with confidence. So, the young editor proves that she deserves the attention when she opt for her pink coat to interrupt the world of dominating black and blue only to make it look more interesting. 

Do you have a favorite coat? Start thinking how it should stay less in your closet and more on your shoulders (like your wings). Of course, when you are playing this much with the colors, it is better to skip accessories.

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3.    Appropriate Ways to Tights

Whoever wants to establish tights as a student fashion can put their dream to rest. For the rest of us, this look of Alexa in tights and baggy stylish shirt with a branded bag and ballet shoes hanging around the neck shows how young, fit and successful should dress like. Without caring for norms.

Photo Credit: pinimg

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4.    Shift Dress doesn’t belong in the Lazy Section of the Wardrobe

Do you like one of those moments that shows you the possibility of high class fashion coming din your wardrobe? We guess, you do! (since you are exploring fashion on our frugal platform. Coming back to high class fashion, lets consider shift dress and let’s consider that simple thing that you can wear with sneakers or strap sandals to look like Alexa) and just by adding a hat to it, you can take it to the next level. 

If it felt like a fashion stunt when Taylor Swift did it in her street looks, now you have another esteemed approval for this style.

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5.    Playing with the basic stripes

If boyfriend jeans seemed like the only way to go tom boyish, now you can steal more of “his” fashion. This look hints that you will need to get his shirt too. Good news, dress shirts are on sale all the time, so if you decide to turn the heads wearing those same favorite shots, TODAY, you get it…. TODAY.

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6.    Giving new meanings to Casuals

Seems like those turtle necks going on winter sale every season was not that meaningless. Since a celebrated fashion personality has taken it to a glamorous fashion show with her head high… we really see lots of opportunity in the number of experiments that we can do with the turtle necks.

Alexa take on her fine turtle neck goes with a glamorous midi skirt and black heels and compliments come in order for this creative fashion look.

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Published On: March 02, 2016