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Kapten and Son Is All Set To Let You Shop From Clicks as Well as Bricks

In this era where everybody is either running their lives or not but surely they all are running within time.  And somehow this is making man more of a robot. We all are living lives by concentrating on minutes and that how we are killing the happiness and creativity that’s inside us. We rush things, and we count minutes, and while counting one minute, we waste one. It might seem like an absurd concern, but as more and more people trade their good old-fashioned analog watches for smartwatches and smartphones, they are actually living a robotic life. However, thankfully the decent and most-sophisticated wristwatch hasn’t completely gone out of sight, in fact, among millennials, there is proof that suggests it has seen a re-emergence. 
Thanks to Kapten & Sons that is founded by and geared toward millennials. The company was started three years ago by three German University fellows. Those three intelligents bought plenty of watch components, put them together and flogged those watches to their friends and university mates. In the start, they successfully moved 100 watches, and soon they sold out 10,000 pieces. That’s how this Instagram sensation got recognition, and their online presence was loved by the youth and elder people equally. 
Back in 2016 summers, Kapten & Son teamed up with another fashion and accessories brand called Skwosh. They teamed up and launched limited edition of watch set and swim trunk. And their combination was loved by their fans. 

Their strong online presence does make sense and gets love from consumers, but still, people were eagerly waiting for Kapten & Son’s physical store, so they can visit and have the pleasure of seeing those amazing-looking pieces in real and select any of the sophisticated pieces of art. And finally, the brand announced the launch of its first global concept store that is set to be located in Melbourne. Kapten & Son, which is well-known for its digital focused business strategy, now all set to give its users/buyers a complete physical retail experience.

Every person loves to get attention, enough time and guidance to pick the best watch that matches their style and class. According to this fact, the brand is all set to give its consumers chance to book personalized appointments.  And costumers will get in-store service to build their watches to embrace personal styling.

Kapten & Son MD Christopher Telley said, “The move into bricks-and-mortar was surely the part of a long-term plan for innovation of the brand within the market at the right time. Since the launch in Australian market got successful, we were all ready in mind to be active in bricks and mortar; and luckily, it just came sooner than anticipated.” He further added, “All offices in the AUS, EU, and the USA have trialed pop up stores with ultimate and promising results, so the decision, in the end, was a bit easier.”

The store got launched on 22nd June. It will be located at 11 King Street, Prahran. Do visit their physical store or shop online, choose the way that suits you best.

Published On: June 25, 2017