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These Are The Most Essential Jackets For Men’s Wardrobe

The winter is right there with chilly winds and freezing temperatures. So it is the official time for jackets. When it comes to Menswear, Jacket is undoubtedly the essential attire for every man’s wardrobe. There are types of Men’s jackets galore and choosing the right one may be tricky.

Interesting facts and statistics about Jackets:

  • According to Statista, The global Jacket and coat market is forecasted to generate around 94.5 billion US dollars in retail sale by 2021.This is up from around 81 billion US dollars in 2016. 
  • As of 2018, the jackets/coats segment accounted for almost half, 48.2%, of the value of all winter wear products.
  • Denim has been around for several hundred years but in 1960’s people started seeing it as assign of rebellion among young people. 
  • The first waterproof jacket was invented by Charles Macintosh. His name was adopted for all raincoats in UK. 

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Here are the 4 best from all types of men’s jackets:

As stated, the types of men’s jackets and their styles and designs are too many. In this article I have however, selected the 4 most popular and in-style types of men’s jackets to narrow down your options. I have highlighted significant features of them that will help you select your piece easily.

Quilted Jackets:

In quilted jackets we find one or more layers that make them the coolest outerwear among all types of men’s jackets for staying warm. This Menswear style staple whose roots go back to middle ages is still immensely popular. See some interesting facts and features of this outer garment:

These Are The Most Essential Jackets For Men’s Wardrobe

  • The Men’s quilted jackets are usually stitched in a diamond or square shaped design.
  • The diamond shaped pockets generate great insulation and warmth.
  • They have a streamlined shape because these are generally made from thinner fabrics
  • According to Guardian, There was a 59% year-on-year increase of its searches in 2018 according to Lyst, the search engine with 12000 brands and retailers.

Hooded Jackets:

Most of us are in habit of forgetting our hats on a bus seat, a restaurant’s reception or office desk. The hooded jackets resolve the problem as there is an in-built hoodie to keep your head warm. Being a street style classic, a hooded jacket tops the list for all types of men’s jackets when it comes to comfort and warmth.

These Are The Most Essential Jackets For Men’s Wardrobe

  • It dates back to mid-1930 but is still considered as a nice contemporary outerwear for every man’s wardrobe.
  • The hoodies were created to keep athletes warm and dry in miserable weather.
  • The black and grey hoodies are the truly classic and versatile styles that you can combine with any colors to make any outfit more stylish.
  • Go for brushed cotton design with loopback construction for fine quality and longevity.

Denim Jackets:

Made of sturdy cotton fabric, this jacket is usually dyed in blue or indigo and is an outerwear for all seasons. Among all types of Men’s jackets, Denim stands out because of its versatility as it can be styled with anything under the sun i.e. dresses, jumpsuits, crop tops, simple tees and of course with denim outfits. Here are some important facts about Denim Jackets:

These Are The Most Essential Jackets For Men’s Wardrobe

  • The first denim Jacket was created in 1880 by Levis Strauss, the founder of Levis.
  • From Marilyn Monroe to Madonna the jean jacket has always been a hot favorite of celebrities.
  • Select an oversized denim jacket for relaxed style but if you want a sharper look, go for a fitted and cropped style.


The term blazer was first given in 1953 to Red jacket worn by Cambridge’s Lady Margret Boat Club. A blazer is basically a suit jacket with a difference that unlike suit it does not have a matching pant. Grab BauBax promo codes to buy Men’s blazers at discounts up to 55%.

These Are The Most Essential Jackets For Men’s Wardrobe

  • Blazers are made of heavier fabrics. I.e. worsted wool or Fresco.
  • A blazer is formal than a sports coat but less formal than a suit.
  • The American style blazers have notched lapels and flapped or patched pockets. The British style is less boxy and has cut with emphasis on shoulders and chest.
  • In Bespoke blazers, you have too many options for buttons, vents, lapels and pockets.

Quilted Jacket Hooded Jacket Denim Jacket Blazer
Best for (Occasion): Both formal and casual Relaxed casual social situations and travel Casual workdays and running errands on weekends Casual, travelling and commuting
Shirts to Go With: Denim or dress shirts (light blue for stylish look) Light grey T-shirts Striped tees and usual white shirts White dress shirt
Shoes to Go With: Leather Chelsea boots or suede derby shoes Fitted joggers and leather sneakers Sneakers and Brown boots/Moccasins Brown
Pants to Go With: Skinny jeans Straight-leg jeans and loose-fit pants Jeans and chinos Flannel and Corduroy. Khaki in summer, Grey in winter
Popular Brands: John Lewis, Armani, Adidas Patagonia, Nike, Old Navy Levi’s, ASOS,A.P.C Raymond, Van Heusen, Louis Philippe
Fabrics: Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Lycra Cotton fleece, Polyester, Acrylic Blend Denims Cotton, Lycra, Polyester
Best Color: Navy Blue, Gray, black or navy Classic blue and Edgy black Gray and Navy blue

Published On: January 27, 2020

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