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NA-KD Review: Is This E-Commerce Platform Enough to Satisfy Your Fashion-Soul?

There are times when you really want to show your much alluring feminine side with some hottest and Great-looking clothes. But what’s that one thing that’s holding you back from having those hot-like-hell pieces?? That can only be one thing and that’s the price tag. However, we do agree that splurging isn’t that great idea when it comes to trendy clothing, but it’s not a bad one tho when it comes to some branded party wear or classic pieces. We all must agree to the fact that a balanced wardrobe is the perfect way of living fashionista life.

However, creating a balanced wardrobe isn’t a difficult task. It’s all about what works best for you and figuring out some aspects, like what your personal style is, How to carry yourself on places, and where to get these pieces without letting your bank account hurt. And there isn’t any theory to do it like a pro, just be concentrated and never do impulse shopping. Plan your shopping, yes you read it right PLAN IT! Whether its business, home, or even shopping, planning can save you big-time. 

The planning should include points how many basic and classic pieces you need? How many party wear and branded clothing you need? How many trendy and cheap pieces you need and etc. But the best part is when you can get everything branded but affordable from one platform. We aren’t joking; a store called NA-KD actually claims this. So we are with NA-KD review to let you decide whether it’s YAYY to shop here or simply NAYY.

The Reason of Picking NA-KD for Review and How It’s Unbiased

From some time now, we have been into writing reviews of different well-known, underrated and variety of stores and brands. And the reason of writing them is just to alert or notify our readers with the best or worst sides of each shopping platform. This time we picked NA-KD and the answer to the question why we picked them is: They have brands and they also sell their brand’s products at this e-commerce platform. And when it comes to brands, people get much more excited so they don’t really pay attention on the negatives and positives of that particular shopping website. But no worries as we are here, just for our community members and readers we reviewed each aspect of NA-KD to bring updated and totally authentic information regarding their services and products they deal in.

We know that buyers doesn’t have much time to go through any shopping website’s policies, services, pros and cons at once, this is why we did some real work. We thoroughly went through their website, policies, customers’ reviews, and every little thing to make this NA-KD review article worth to read.

Review of How NA-KD Was Created

They are new, born in recent times and they are proud of creating this online shopping platform. They are team of enthusiastic and skilled individuals with the experience of over 13 years in the online fashion industry who eagerly wanted to make a big bang in the online fashion scene. They made a team and search for the aspects that can fulfill online fashion customers’ needs and things that were missing. This is how they figured out what needed to be done for the betterment on online shoppers. They put heads together and was born.

NA-KD is a team of highly experienced professionals who claim to live and breathe online fashion. With over 13 years’ experience in e-commerce, styling, production, and fashion designing, marketing and social media; they are striving to meet every single customer’s needs just perfectly.

Review of NA-KD Ratings

Review of Popular Brands that Are Available at NA-KD is an online global e-commerce platform bringing you the ultimate fashionable products like: apparel, accessories, and beauty from around the world. They not only offer customers new arrivals every day but also free worldwide shipping, which can make any of the customers much excited. This online platform stocks over 100 international brands including  Ray-Ban, Amuse Society, Dagmar, Calvin Klein, Aeryne Paris, For Love and Lemons, Cheap Monday, Delacy, Just Female, , Naanaa, Nookie, Quay Australia, Saylor, Motel Rocks, Samsoe and Samsoe, and party-wear, Basics, Lingerie, Shoes, Boho, Accessories, Swimwear, Trend and Vintage from NA-KD’s brand collection.

Review of Popular Categories to Shop From at NA-KD

This e-commerce platform has variety of fashion products that can meet fashion needs of a college going girls to a classic lady to the party chic to every single lady who wants to stay fashionista.

Customers can easily source the most fashion forward and cutting edge styles from the brands they love. Here are the list of diversity of products available at NA-KD, the fashion related products’ category has: Dresses, Tops, Pants, Jeans, Shorts, Jackets, Jumpsuits, Skirts, Swimwear, Lingerie, Accessories, Shoes and Shirts and Blouses.

Review of NA-KD’s Special Discounts They Offer to Students

The store offers special discount of 12% to all the students. NA-KD also has a separate complete section of fashionable apparel and accessories for college and university going girls. From trendy and vibrant tops and dresses to hottest-looking bottoms, students can style using NA-KD discount anytime of the year.

Review of NA-KD Size Chart—Perfect Fit Matters A LOT!

Perfect fit matters big time. No matter how stylish and gorgeous your dress or any other wearable item looks, but if it’s ill-fitted, then you won’t look your best. And to look effortlessly chic, one of the key factors to pay attention on is the PERFECT FIT. And the size chart available at NA-KD is surely a blessing. Their size chart has conversions available that include EU, US, UK, IT, FR/ES, AU, RU JAP. Not only coversions of sizes are there, but they also have listed down the size chart where you can measure yourself in centimeters. On brand’s size guide you can easily find individual sizing charts for clothes, jeans/trousers, bras, and shoes.

The best part is that NA-KD carries great range of sizes. At this brand you can get sizes from XXS to XL.

When Bloggers Embraced their Styling Level With NA-ED

Review of Pros and Cons When Shopping at NA-KD


  • All products featured on their website are Modern and edgy
  • Their size chart is detailed and helps getting the perfect fit
  • Products are exactly what it looked like online
  • Shipping rates: Free worldwide shipping
  • NA-KD offers free returns
  • They offer special discount to all the students
  • They are equipped with products with all the most-wanted brands
  • Students can get special discounts when purchasing at this online e-commerce platform


  • Their customer service isn’t that responding as it should be and there isn’t any contact number available on their website, you can only contact them through emails
  • They occasionally offer coupon codes and saving offers
  • At times, their delivery times get bit delayed when using normal shipping not the express one

Final Views

We have tried our level best to sum-up all the positives and negatives of this e-commerce platform. There is no doubt that their collection of brands and their own collection is what every fashionable chic really wants. Tho, we came across some bad reviews related to their return policy, but there are satisfying reviews too. So we can’t totally reply on the reviews. What you can do is, you should stay focused and much attentive while selecting the size so you will not have to deal with returning goods. The most lacking thing we found at NA-KD is that there is no way to contact their customer service on urgent basis. They have only mentioned an email address through which you can contact them, and it’s quite time-taking thing.

However, the attractive part at NA-KD is there variety of styles, class, brands, discounts, trendy things, and others.

We hope that our review based article on NA-KD is satisfying enough for our readers and they can make decision of whether to purchase here or not. But, don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below once you shop at NA-KD. Have a great shopping time!

Published On: August 09, 2017

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