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The Tie Bar's New Ties - And How You Can Take Tie Fashion To Next Level

It’s truly fortunate for consumers that there are small affordable elements with remarkable personality to add to yours. The tie bar makes it real in all of its collections and more than million ties; it sold last year is a proof of that. This year probably they will hit more on the sales score board because every collection that is coming out in 2015 depicts great taste of designers at The Tie Bar.

September Collection of The Tie Bar

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the sneak peak of September collection, don’t postpone it anymore. Celebrated style blogs have recommended something similar too.
Looking for a style upgrade? This is it!

It has Camo:

It doesn’t have to be white neither light for the camo to pop up. The Tie Bar has done “Camo” which you can use with well suited Navy blazer and blue dress shirt as recommended by Lookastic. If you want things to be really different for your next style appearances, camo ties will be the head turner.

Featuring Patterns: 

Patterns have always been this store’s thing. They hit the style tones well in every combination and pattern they use in each tie. If you “ask men” they recommended using big pattern tie to be used with small pattern shirt. 

Solids of its own kind: 

Is there an important interview or meeting coming up? Then Solids in September collection are a perfect thing to buy. “The only challenge with solid is to go with right color combinations”, as mentioned in a blogpost at By the way they have whole color wheel that you may refer to as well. If you want to use your favorite shirts for a little longer then Solids in flannel will save you smartly.

They have done graphics: 

Finest of graphics come out of the workshop at Tie Bar, go through each of their collection and you will believe. Celebrities would acknowledge that too. Check out how last year, three Hollywood celebrities wore a same star graphics tie to the same event.

Are you feeling celebrity style vibes all around?? Reach out the “The Collection” to make it real.

Published On: September 14, 2015