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Undandy Review: Should You or Shouldn’t Design Your Own Shoes on This Platform

Who said only Clothes maketh the man? It’s actually the whole look that can make any man standout. And when we talk about a complete sophisticated look from head to toe, it’s actually a valuable thing that what you wearing while stepping in or out. Yes, you get it right; we are talking about none other than your shoes. They may come last when looking from upside down at a man, but it works as the last part of your meal that is desert, it should be remarkably incredible and tasteful.

Arguably, the quality of your shoes reveals how much you care about your personality and how fashionable a man is. Out of all the fashion products in a man’s closet, shoes is one of the items that can power-up their element of styling. However, if you ever dated women, you must have noticed that they mostly check out your shoes before even their eyes rise to scan the rest of your look. The truth is that shoes have everything that can literally make or break ones personality. However, if you’re a bit clueless in the shoe department, here is what you need to know.

Why Choose To Write Review For Undandy?

We have been writing review for variety of brands and stores to help our readers while making decision where to purchase and what is the perfect way to meet their fashion needs. But mostly, it was all about women fashion. This is why we thought to go bit different this time and we searched for men’s fashion needs and timings that can seriously make or break their personality. This is how we came across issues that men have been facing while picking the right pair of footwear for themselves. And while searching for options where men can customize their shoes and get what they actually want to stand out in any field of life, we came across this brand called Undandy. We searched a lot about them and finally picked this brand to write a review for. You can go ahead to find out whether this much customized shoes platform is worth your time and money or just a waste of it.

Review of What Undandy is all about—what’s the Difference?

Undandy was founded back in 2015 by a duo of Portuguese entrepreneurs who thought that today’s men are in no need to fit themselves in limited options available in market. Instead they can be unique and that can happen when they will truly be themselves. At Undandy they believe in enlightening modern gentlemen who love living by an uncompromising code of conduct and etiquette and who always strives to be the epitome of excellence in almost every aspect of life.

In a time when everyone is trying to live remarkably, the dressing up has become an inevitable factor in overall impression of a personality. Whether you are working your way up in the highest layers of society or just want to make the remarkable first impression, shoes do an incredible job. And for every man of style Undandy does a special favor by offering a sophisticated collection of formal shoes. The updating trends on the website comprise of shoes, boots, sneakers, belts and other accessories for men with lots of style weight. Design in the handcrafted shoes offers an unforgettable experience.

Review of Undandy Ratings is All About Their Services and Products

  • Quality and Durability: We have given it 4.5 stars as all of their products are created using 100% real leather and all of their shoes are handcrafted using Portuguese craftsmanship. All footwear get tailored to customers’ specific desires by third generation artisans in Portugal
  • Website Usability: The website has lots of sections when customers are designing their desired footwear, but each page of their website is easy to deal with. No matter how many pages you need to go through, but every detail and options you have to select from are very well managed and displayed. It doesn’t seem a hassle to design who look of your customized shoes and this is why it got 5 stars from us
  • Shipping policy: The reason behind giving 4 stars to Undandy’s shipping policy is that they don’t offer free shipping and they take much time in delivering goods. Tho, we know that customization of handcrafted shoes may take more days as compare to normal footwear but still that can be improved. And just occasionally they offer free shipping offers
  • Return Policy: Undandy’s return policy is quite a relief for USA and Europe customers as it’s completely free. But customers from other destinations are liable to pay return charges and if they are going for exchanging products so they will also need to bear shipping charges
  • Discounts and Offers: Normally, a pair of customised shoes at Undandy will set you back around £140 for most of its designs; tho, the prices may vary depending on the class and type of shoes you choose. The store doesn’t often offer discounts but occasionally they do offer Undandy coupon codes and other saving offers. They definetly deserve 4 stars as their price range is quite affordable
  • Customer service: It matters. And Undandy’s customer service is always there to help out customers in every best way. Yu can contact them using contact number and email address and customer representatives will make sure to address your complains, problems, and resolve them as soon as possible.

Review of How the Customization Process Work When Ordering shoes at Undandy

When you land on Undandy’s website and start the customization process, you might feel that they fooled you by making you think that you only need to make a couple clicks to get the shoes you want. Because, in reality, there are millions of variations and options available to select from, but YES it all begins with three simple choices: shoes, boots or sneakers.

And if you really want to have typically customized shoes than its one of the places that let you play with every single detail of your products. Our advice is: whenever you think of placing order at Undandy, make sure than you have enough free time to go through the whole process. It will be fun but is bit lengthy to go through. Here, we have listed all the steps that you will need to  follow to get your choice of shoes:

1st Step in Extraordinary Shoe Buying Experience- You SELECT

At Undandy designing your own shoes is the most distinct factor that you will experience and it comes with no confusion. At the online home of Undandy, you will take the first step towards buying your formal shoes like never before. How this happens? Well, like they say, “to aim perfection”, you will go to their select option and what you will find is not the list of shoes. It will be number of Portuguese styles shoes that are a specialty of the store. The select option gives you new definitions of shoe world to add to your insights. For example, you get to know:

  • The Names of Formal Shoe Style

Branded as Undandy ’15, Undandy ’31 and others, the shoes depict a special construction that is pretty much explained in the name. This is a great benefit for the person who feels a little nervous about buying expensive footwear online.

  • You get detailed description of shoe construction

With the design options there are given proper descriptions of what the shoe will feel like. This takes away the nervousness about the fit and by reading the description you clearly make your mind for what suits you best.

  • Also you get OPTIONS

In multiple styles of Undandy, there are also given option possibilities. This puts you in extreme ease of picking a comforting option without compromising the style details.

2nd Step that Keeps You On Your Toe is – Designing

After you’re done picking on the design details, you are in much prepared state to design your own shoes. In shoes there are specific models that you can view and select from the side panel. After you select the basic style, you get the decoration options. After picking the combination, you also have an option to pick the colors. The classic colors are a good palette for the men with distinct taste.

The detail in the customization is so satisfying that you can pick the colors for your laces and stitch of the shoes. After you get done with handpicking every detail to the color of soul, there comes an important option of adding signature to the shoe. At this step, you will be given an option to add characters that you want to include in your signature and this can be literally everything from name to an important event of your life. This is the exact kind of detail that you may want in a shoe that you can gift to a loved one.

3rd Step to 9th Step—it’s All About Selecting Shades for Leather, Laces, and Sole

Now these are the steps that will let you decide whether you want sharp edged shoes, Sophisticated and settled ones, or some blend and mixture of your favorite shades on different parts of shoes. It’s all about your choices, style, and preferences. So be careful what colors you are selecting.

10th Step is About More Personalization of This Item—Engrave Your Shoes

The store will allow you to get your shoes engraved with logo of brand or any other words you want. It can be done when you will write the word that you want to get engraved and you will also need to write a small line that will be right under that engraved word. But before getting your pair of footwear engraved, remember that those won’t ever be returned as they will not be applicable for Undandy’s return policy.

Review and Confirm the Shoes that You Designed and Make the Final Decision-Get Perfect Fit

In this last part of the shoes customization, you will need to look at the shoes that you have designed by yourself. And it’s also about choosing the right size of shoes and whether you want to get rubber sole with your footies or not. These soles are great to add extra grip to your leather sole. At this point of time you will have all the rights to either save your designed shoes to wishlist or simply click Add to Bag to proceed to purchase.

This is the whole process of customizing and purchasing shoes at Undandy. Did you ever think that selecting a shoe can be detailed to this extent and also be very satisfying? And that doesn’t come with a price tag that disappoints you.

Undandy Review: Does Undady Only Offer Customized Shoes?

If you think that Undandy is all about customization of shoes and you can’t purchase without designing your own pair of shoes, then we must tell you that it’s not the case. If you aren’t interested to go through from many processes to get done with purchasing and designing Undandy shoe, be easy as you can still shop from this brand. Many people out there might only like affordable price range and quality of product but don’t like designing so they can still purchase these shoes. They will only need to pick any of the designs that are already created by any of the buyers at Undandy. These already designed items are listed on Undandy’s website “The Limelight.” Every week the brand  features new designed shoes, so you can easily pick from that.

Review of Undandy Customers’ Reviews—They Are Helpful While Making Shopping Decision Here

She is smart girlfriend! A lucky man can only have as intelligent as she is because customizing an item that can make your partner look more elegant and graceful is the perfect choice of gift. The guy must have gotten excited on seeing those shoes and definitely would have gotten so many compliments.

That’s what we actually mentioned in our review earlier that their shipping timing is quite off and they should work on that. And if it’s not doable for them right now, what they can do is to keep the customer updated with every step their order is going through. So customers can wait and feel connected.

She must be happy now as the brand has increased the size range of shoes they are creating. And, yes, we agree to her that Undandy’s shoes are really good-looking!

This random thing sometimes let you experience something really great and that’s what happen to this lucky guy. 

Review of Undady’s Contact Information and Payment Methods:

  • Payment methods that can be used at Undandy’s checkout: Master Card, Visa, American Express, Pay Pal
  • Contact Number: +44 20 3286 0113
  • Email address: and

Final Remarks:

After searching and reading enough about the brand, now we can say that Undandy is without a doubt a very serious brand that actually let customers’ experience the customization process fully. And surely they have brought the shoe designing and picking experience to a whole new level. Their customer service is also great and their management team is very responsible and professional. Price range of Undandy’s shoes is quite affordable, tho their shipping charges are needed to be paid by customers. We think that giving Undandy a try is must for every man. We have also featured lots of customers’ reviews just to ensure that the brand is quite committed to what they claim for our review of Undandy is unbiased and is totally based on real facts and figures.

Don’t forget to share your experience of designing and purchasing shoes and Undandy in the comment section below. We would love to hear what our readers’ experience with Undandy is like and others users can also take advantage of that for better shopping and fashion experience.

Published On: July 29, 2017