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6 Nasty Situations Almost Every Big Men Have to Deal With

It’s really as hard to be KEN as it is to be BARBIE!! Seriously, it’s a fact that hasn’t been talked much about and hasn’t been in the limelight as compared to curvy women. We respect the body positive movement that is all about promoting acceptance of person without judging them looking at size and also help them being confidence in their own skin and size.  But, generally speaking, the large amount of people who reckon themselves a part of this body positive movement are women with plus size.  And the movement is empowering them in the best way possible, but Wait!! Have you ever get amazed where are all the body positive men? When you last saw a big fat man featured in media in a positive light? Do you normally come across a blog post showing how fat men are stereotyped as the “Gross Loser”, “Lazy Fatty”, or “Funny Guy?” I am pretty sure that some persons must have discussed this subject with zeal. But frankly speaking, as a whole, big man never gets traction in the movement and that is the concern.

This time we thought to give a break to plus size women issues and opt for featuring the Ops or Awful moment a fat guy faces. We had a discussion with our friends regarding their issues, weird moments, compliments, and much of the #realtalk about what they feel, hate, listen, and experience being a fat guy. Here you go, read what it’s really like:

It Sucks to Be Called “Big Buy”

It gets even uglier when some stranger calls or points you out calling a “Big Guy.” People think that calling fat guy will hurt us; I really want to tell them that being called the big guys doesn’t even sounds well. Both means the same, it reminds us that we aren’t one of you and dealing with weight issues and moreover, don’t give us a particular name because its weights not a decease. I went on diet for the first time when a teacher pointed me out calling Big dude and I felt ashamed. Not everybody was laughing, but the way they were looking at me made me felt so unwanted and bad.  And when after the class I said to one of my friends that why he called me a Big Dude, so friend replied that you aren’t a regular size and that that hurt even more.

Losing Weight isn’t a Job

Advices will keep flowing about how a big man should be at gym all the time instead of working out. But in real life, Gym is an expense too and to pay for the most weight loss facilities, you have to pay. It’s not just plain laziness that keeps a man from going into the gym. Do they really have some instrument or time machine to judge that with this confidence? It might be true statically, but in my circle most of the men face terrible issues regarding weight loss and aren’t able to shed ponds in 10 days by just avoiding eating a piece of cake or pizza. And then, pizza feels more comforting than the criticism from people.

We Don’t See Our Body Type on Billboards

I am 5’7 and a fat guy. I have broad shoulders, heavy arms, all round hips, and big thighs. I build muscles when try hard and off-course I am the one who gain it back easily and that sucks. And I am a normal guy and there are lots and lots of guys who have the body issues that I have. But we never see guys with our body type in fashion magazines, billboards, hero of movie, and so on. Men of our size are always relegated to fetish or fitness magazines. Why so? Just because we don’t have muscular body and that perfect shape with lots of abs, doesn’t mean that there is nothing to be discussed about us.

Shopping Gets Worst

Usually, we don’t get number of styles, cuts, colors, and designs to select the most loveable piece for ourselves. Most of the stores have shirts with just broad shoulder, long and lose sleeves, big collar number and length, which may seems like a huge shopping bag. We don’t get variety of stores to get done with our shopping and style like a normal guy does. There are just number of stores that understand the needs of fat guys and one of them is Jhonny Big. The store offers great range of clothing and shoes for men of all sizes. And their discounts are worth to shop without sacrificing the style, class, and design variety we want to have in our closet.

Everyone you meet is a Health Expert

It’s really weird when someone asks me that have you ever tried to lose this fat??Or show concern saying: Oh dear, try to shed some ponds otherwise you will be attacked with number of diseases. You will have blood pressure, sugar, heart attack, and etc. I really want to tell them, may be the fat won’t give me heart-attack but your comment and meaningless advice is definitely giving me heart ache. I mean, I am the first one who really cares about the heath n body, so please before giving advices for no reason think about your own health and your issues.

Believing that We Can Look Good is Hard

The pressure on women to look thin is insane, but done think that we don’t feel the pressure of having a muscular body. No matter how healthier you are, like if you have normal blood pressure, strong heart, and disease free body, but people go crazy for outer look. Rather than thinking how fit you are, they always think how fat you are and no matter how many health issues a muscular body person has, but people will say he is fit n perfect. I really want to tell people, stop doing this, don’t judge a book by its cover. When we believe in ourselves don’t even try to break us down by just pointing us out because we are fat.

We hope that we made the point clear about what we all shouldn’t ask any of the big men out there. They are good-looking and nice, treat them as one of you and don’t make them stand out just because they have extra kilos in body, but let them stand out with extraordinary intelligence, work-power, and other positive aspects of their personality. Cheers!

Published On: January 21, 2017