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8 Tips Will Never Destroy Your Contact Lenses and Eyes Too

No matter, how comfortable you feel with your glasses but, there comes a time when you get tired of using eyeglasses and this is exactly the right time when you need contact lenses. There is no doubt that contact lenses are a great innovation but they can be dangerous at times, when you are not taking care of them properly.  Therefore, the users must make the learning of care and usage, a priority.

Clear vision is very important for everyone and especially if you are involved in high intensity activities then your vision should be extra-ordinary clear. Still, if there is something wrong with your vision then vision correctors are a go to option but you can’t always wear eyeglasses while performing high intensity activities and for this good reason, you can rely on contact lenses. Contact lenses not only contribute to give you a more stylish look than spectacles but, they also work as a great tool for removing unwanted disruptions experienced in spectacles.

It’s very easy to maintain a pair of eyeglasses but on the other hand, it requires more attention and care to keep a pair of contact lenses. But there is no point to neglect such useful accessory instead of using them appropriately. Contact lenses are extremely durable and easy to use than you ever thought possible, also you can buy them online and avail coupon codes. Here, we are listing some tips that will keep your contact lenses safe, clean and long lasting.

Tips to protect your Contact Lenses

1.   Always Wash your Hands Before Touching Your Contact Lenses

For many individuals it’s very difficult to handle a pair of soft contacts but in real, it’s not that techy. All you need to do is, put out your contact from the lenses case and place it on your palm then clean it with the lens cleaning solution and don’t forget to wash your own hands before taking out your contacts. This should be done on a regular base in order to avoid infections and remove dust and dirt from the eyes.

2.   Don’t Swap Them With Others

There is another mistake that has been commonly noticed in people is that, they start swapping their contacts with others. Exchanging your contacts are a potential harm to your eyes in terms of protein and contact shape/power therefore, you should never swap your contacts, even with friends or family members.

3.   Avoid Contact lenses in Extreme Weather Conditions

While applying them, you should be very careful against dust, wind, pollution itching or burning sensation. Stepping out in extreme weather conditions while wearing contact lenses can be dangerous. Never rub your eyes, in case of itching or any sort of discomfort, remove your contact and clean your eyes instantly.

4.   Choose Waterproof Mascara

If you are wearing contact lenses and going somewhere then you might need to do some make up. Always choose waterproof mascara without alcohol and apply it in a way that, it shouldn’t touch the base of lashes. Let the first coat dry before applying second coat and never go for the lash-extending mascara, it contains fibers that can cause irritation into your eyes.

5.   Let Your eyes take some rest for a while

Whenever your eyes start troubling you, put off your contact lenses and let your eyes take rest for a while. In case, if you contact lenses are causing irritation then removing them for a while will solve the problem. If the problem is more than just normal irritation or tiredness, you need to simply put out your contacts and schedule an appointment with your optician and get them checked.

6.   Never Use Water To Rinse Off Your Eye

This one is very important because mostly when you feel irritation in your eyes you usually move towards water. Never rinse or clean contact lenses with water because water is not the right thing when it comes to contact lenses. Since, water contains chlorine, metal particles, and minerals which can damage your contacts. Moreover, water has micro-organisms that can cause some serious attacks too. You may ask your optician about some better alternative instead of using water.

7.   Place them Accordingly After Every Use

When you place your contacts in, you should try and put them in using the same order each and every time. This is the way that will better indicate you about which contact goes in first and you won’t get them misplace. Before you insert them into your eyes, you must check them properly by every aspect and if you find torn, damage or anything wrong with your contact lenses you must dispose them immediately and get a fresh pair. 

8.   Remove Your Contact Lenses Before Removing Your Make up

Always remove your contact lenses before removing your make up and again make sure that your hands are completely clean and dry before removing them. Still if the only problem with your contacts is, irritation then it’s better to put them out and let your eye take some rest because you need to rest your eyes every so often and by this way your eyes will get the rest and oxygen they actually need and you can again apply your lenses after few hours.

We are hoping that you will find the above information useful and if you also want to buy reliable contact lenses affordably then you may search our discount list to get coupon codes for vision corrector accessories.


Published On: February 03, 2017