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You Look Frumpy? Avoid 7 Rookie Mistakes to Upgrade Your Styling-Game

In this era where #wokeupface, no-makeup looks has seriously reached to the cool-chic status, being rookie is brutal. Well, its and infamous art to balance between looking like you aren’t trying much to stay stylish and looking extremely good as celebs. However, if we roll out of bed and step out of the home, chances are: we might be mistaken as zombie. And this is when you want to fix your fashion scenario, but don’t get where to start. Or let’s make it clear that you don’t even know what actually needs to be fixed.

While dealing with these fashion-situations, you search online for help and that’s where you discover a huge amount of information, but unfortunately it’s all scattered. It’s usually like someone literally ripped out the pages from fashion encyclopedia and spread them all over the floor. And you pick any page and try learning something—as doing something is better than nothing. However, in some cases it works, but normally people might end up changing things they were doing right!

You can simply trust us, as we have also made these mistakes so better understand your situation and came up with fool-proof ideas that will help you look exceptional instead of sloppy or frumpy!

Mistake#1: You Wear Too Long Shirts

Unless you are skinny and tall, which, honestly, means you can break number of style rules and still look put together, you can slip on a long shirt and it will look cool. But, when you are a normal height person or a petite so be careful about the length of your shirt. Remember, the hem of your shirt should hit mid-hip and not too far below the crotch of your jeans. This will help you elongate your natural leg line. Instead, long shirts cut off the natural leg line and make you look stumpy. And there isn’t any fashion like you simply throw a belt over a too long top and call it a day. Believe, you should better find a shorter top or hem it.

Mistake#2: Don’t Know How to Wear Loose Clothes

People who say, “In loose clothes we look frumpy”, they are the ones who doesn’t know how to carry loose clothing pieces. There is a simple yet effective tip to avoid looking frumpy in loose pieces, just show a little extra skin and there you are with the most sexiest and appealing look. Showing natural skin is way comfy and sexier than fitting you into some bodycon. And if you are a plus size hootie than fitted dresses will show bulges. So, stay easy when wear something loose. You only need to pair a big loose top with something short on the bottom. And if you are wearing a loose styled bottom then go pairing it with some top that shows off your back, chest, arms, or shoulders.

Mistake#3: Get Confused Between Dressing Up and Dressing well

Many of girls and boys think that dressing better is all about wearing something that are called “Dressier clothes.” They think that dressing well only needs them to get into a suit, and SHAZAM! They are done solving the styling issues. And there are guys who think that blazer can do the same magic as a suit has or sometimes, they even think that a shirt can do the trick. But the point is: wearing shirt instead of a tee or a suit in place of casual wear will not do any style fix. So, whether it’s a girl or a guy, they need to be really clear that a poorly worn clothing piece can’t make you look stylish, whether it’s a suit or an outstanding gown. Make sure that your clothes are ironed, properly fitted, and most importantly you know how to carry it. Remember, style isn’t about what clothes and style you wear, but it’s all about how you carry.

Mistake#4: Your Shirt is Gaping

This simple mistake can ruin your whole look, no matter how expensive or stylish your shirt is. If it’s gaping, then it’s time to fix the problem immediately or keep that in closet until you get down to the size that is required to wear the shirt with comfort. Your bra should never play peek-a-boo through your shirts, and here, never means NEVER!

If the shirt size you usually buy is having the gaping problem, then go selecting one size up when purchasing a new shirt. You might not like the idea to buying a size up but the larger sized shirts will actually make you look sleeker and smaller as they will fit better.

Mistake#5: You May Wear Bra That Don’t Fit

Normally, we don’t pay attention on undies which we are using. But it’s important to focus on how well your underneath is; it can really make or break your whole appearance. No matter how expensive your outfit is, eventually it will not make you look stunning until or unless your figure flatters in just perfect way. If you’re still rocking a bra you’ve had for over a decade, it’s time to discard it. The truth is bras stretch over time, and that process is accelerated rapidly when washing bras using a machine washer and dryer. Hence, wearing a loose bra that no longer fits you and don’t give proper support makes your chest area looks sloppy. And, you should also go for too tight bras because that will create noticeable body roles through your clothing. You’ll look sleeker if you pay attention towards the fitting of bras.

Mistake#6: You Allow Wrong Sleeves to Ruin the Whole Look

When you get dressed in beautiful attire, makeup has been done brilliantly; you worn expensive shoes, but wait, your arms are looking ODD, Why?? You actually worn sleeves are too long or too loose. This simple mistake has all the power to mess-up your whole appearance. The proper fitted and correctly measured sleeves are as important as the style, design, and look of your whole dress. Make sure, while buying clothes, your sleeves should stop at or just below your wrists, it’s the right length to wear. In some cases you can roll-up your sleeves and still look fashionista, but every time and with every outfit you can’t be tricky.

Mistake#7: When You Run After the Fashion World

It’s a natural thing that whenever someone decides to get dressed better, they naturally look forward to the fashion world that is consist of designers, celebs, and a tsunami of brands and online stores. But unfortunately, celebs, brands, and designers don’t teach you how to dress well or look exceptional; instead they only tell what to wear this season. It’s all about selling. Tho, there are places that can be a helping hand to you when you are new to this styling thing, but you have to use your own senses too, for better results at the end.

Suppose, you are wearing trendy clothes, but they doesn’t suit your figure, height, or complexion, then it’s not of any use. And in the end it all will look a giant mess. This is why, it’s better to understand what suits you best and rather than focusing on trends, have some incredible collection of basics. We aren’t saying that don’t follow the trends, but not too much. You can stay trendy by using adornments and some clothing pieces too. If you are plus size, so get some workable tips show your curves in most amazing ways, it will work for you. And always look yourself in mirror; you can be the best critic for your own self.

Published On: March 20, 2017