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How To Dress To Look Slimmer For Plus-Size Women

A Perfect Choice of Dress, Add Confidence

First, you must not fall for the slimming clothes. Everyone is going to direct you to a piece that hides your curves but that is not what you are looking for. There is nothing wrong in being curvy and full-figured, you should flaunt it instead. What you must do is look for clothing that makes the most of your curves in a flattering manner. Your aim must be to look smooth and streamlined and that certainly does not mean thin. When you look good and voluptuous, it is going to add to your confidence and give you the glow.

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Second, whether the winters are around or the summers are in full swing, know what is best for your body and you. Not all kind of apparel can be worn in all seasons and that is why you must have the correct knowledge to differentiate between the two. For instance, you may be tempted to wear that bulky sweater but a long coat is going to make you look even better. A long coat gives you the perfect streamlined effect without making you look bulky and it can be best even for evening wear so next time invest in a good long coat that can complement everything and anything you wear.
With long coats you must bear in mind not to buy coats that have a lot of embellishments, keep it simple. Classic colors such as navy blue, white and black will make you look best.

Third, have a good understanding of what trends will suit you and what are not the best ones for you. There is nothing worse than putting up with a trend and ending up feeling uncomfortable and unflattering. It is therefore to important to know what trends can be translated to plus sizes. Stay realistic in terms of expectations from your physical appearance so that you look best among all the rest!

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Fourth, when choosing your footwear style, you certainly do not have to press yourself to wear heels. With there being so much variety available in flats, you can become fashionable without having to rely on your heels. However, the key lies in the fact that your footwear must go with your outfit. If you are dressing up for work, ensure the flats are professional. On the other hand, if you are off to a casual outing with friends, colored flip flops with beautiful embellishments are just good to go. Do not pressurize yourself to wear heels, you can walk better in flats and stay comfortable too!

Fifth, keep away from pants which have the stirrups placed around the ankles. A lot of plus size women have the habit to wear these kind of pants but it does not make them look good and therefore you should avoid them too! Light athletic wear is best if you just want to roam around in loose apparel around the house. Yoga pants are best for this purpose and they will keep you light all day long. It is totally possible to look good and comfortable and that is what you must be good at achieving. All you need to do is figure out a style that is best for you and then you can bid farewell to your pants with stirrups.

, put your trust in jackets. A well tailored denim jacket with good style and cut can really turn around the situation for you and that is exactly what you should be looking for. A retro style denim jacket for example can be best for your casual hangouts. Choose the right style and size and make sure that you are able to button down the jacket very well. Denim jackets will match up with anything you wear be it flowery or funky so just go with the idea and there is no reason why you will not love it!

Seventh, follow some rules which are a must for plus size women. For instance, choose a dress that has a monochromatic theme. Also, it is advised that you must opt for fabrics that drape over your curves and do not enhance them. Clothing which has too much spandex will most likely make your body look too tight and your aim to create a streamlined effect will end up in vain. You will end up with bulges instead. 

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Eighth, invest in a good body-shaper. These are best for plus size women and you can get the streamlined effect you are looking to create in an effortless manner. Ensure that the shaper is not so tight that it makes you uncomfortable, find the right fit for best results. Also, the sizes of shapers will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer therefore you might face the need of finding a size smaller or larger than the normal. Therefore, try your body-shaper before you know which one is the best to purchase.

, lingerie makes everyone look sexier. There is now a full section for plus size women available so that they can choose their favorite lingerie items which flatter their body types. Silk short sets are excellent for plus size figure, they are comfortable and will make you look best without having to feel at a loss. You can also add up several embellishments to the lingerie or flaunt a pair of bedroom shoes to maximize the effect.

Published On: July 29, 2015