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Bebe Wants A New Persona- Party Girl Is Moving On

What is one thing that everyone knows who loves Bebe is “Partying concepts” ruling on its designs. Now you will get to make a serious move, because the brand is redoing its design theories. Intending to introduce more sophisticated and dressy collection in casual comfort, the brand is set for new flight of fame.

The style brand’s new strategy is grabbing lots of attention and publications have even called it the “Rebirth”.  The credit belongs to CEO Jim Wiggett who was last at Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton and must have brought fresh fashion ideas evolving in his mind while working with the famous brand.

For career oriented fashion lovers, Bebe will give plenty of opportunities for its buyers to earn the highlight in every season. Another development that comes in this set is update in their operating model. Before you stream more news about brand’s new image, take a tour of Bebe online store which is cutting the price to half on several attractive items with these discount codes.

The accessories section of the store will also get included in the sophistication touch. How Wigget and Bogart (Executive Vice President of design at Bebe) explains, raise the anticipations about new Bebe fashion collection.

Published On: August 24, 2015