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Weed Out Nonsense—Get Styled in Your 40s to Look HIP

Who says 40 is the age to get retired from the fashion-scenario?  It’s probably the new 30’s of women’s life. You can look classy and stylish as other women around you. The fact is: you may look more mature and should go for quality-style over trends. Here, quality doesn’t mean that you need to have a fortune to update your wardrobe like a pro. Instead, some reliable source to get huge discounts on clothing and shopping-sense to get age-appropriate pieces that will only add class and charisma to your personality.

If you are afraid of showing your age, which is natural when a woman hits her 40s, it’s better to concentrate on aging with grace. Since hot teenager chic fashion can’t favor you, you need to use the new set of tips and may be a new wardrobe too.

Without a much, just go ahead and unveil the secrets to have a polished chic look.

Shorts—Be Smart to Pick the Right

In summers the most loved and hottest piece of clothing is nothing but a quintessential pair of shorts. But this doesn’t mean you should stick with denim shorts for whole life. Rather than, it’s best to get a softer fabric, such as silk or rayon in a flattering high cut.

Shop the Style:

Switchback Shorts

photo credit:

Store Name: Nordstrom (brand name: ZELLA)

Can be purchased for: $55.00 **Free Shipping**

Jack by BB Dakota Calla Drapey Shorts

photo credit:

Store Name: Zappos

Can be purchased for: $39.99 **Get 17% Off and Free Shipping**

Neckerchief—Classy Accessory

In between lots of superb accessories, a square silk scarf is must-to-have when you are going towards more mature dressing style. They look extremely great and you are actually in phase of life where you can rock the hell out of one. Whether it’s an office look or just a get-together with friend, you can do one with pride.

Shop the Style:

Bezou Silk Twill Scarf

photo credit:

Store Name: DVF

Can be purchased for: $178.00 ** Free Shipping and returns on all orders**

Bianca Silk Scarf

Store Name: Ralph Lauren

Can be purchased for: $69.99 ** Sale 10% Off**

Jumpsuits—Patterned Ones

Spring is here and summer will be here in some time, it’s time when you must start buying sundresses for a great seasonal collection. But, its’ definitely high-time for you to give jumpsuit a try, the choices will not let you down. They can look amazing when worn for office, meetings, party, or any other event. Wearing these, you will be the famous person at the clambake.

Shop the Style:

Costa Mesa Jumpsuit

photo credit:

Store Name: Anthropologie

Can be purchased for: $29.95 ** Sale 80% Off**

Floral Print Tie Black Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit

Store Name: Express

Can be purchased for: $79.90 **Free Shipping and Returns**

Slip Dresses—Go Easy

Are you saying no-no in your head for this one??? We can understand your situation; because people usually think that slip ones aren’t right for anyone above the age of 25. But let us correct you; this style has nothing to do with your age. In reality, this kind of dress can help you hiding number of problematic areas. You can easily wear the right shape-wear beneath to feel confident and dam sexy on a date night.

Shop the Style:

Reversible Satin Slip Dress

Store Name: Blooming Dales

Can be purchased for: $224.10 **Sale 55% Off**

Anika Washed-Silk Midi dress

Store Name: Net-A-Porter

Can be purchased for: $260.00 **Free Delivery and returns on all orders**

Gladiator Sandals—They are Perfect

It’s time to say goodbye to all the boots and booties, and you are thinking about having light weight and easy going footies, never think of having flip-flops. There is a big no for flip-flop footwear for the ladies who are in their 40s, unless they are a lifeguard. For a comfortable and easy spring and summer days, you can have gladiator sandals, mules, slingbacks, or sandals with straps. If you are office-going, then get a pair of pumps.

Shop the Style:


Store Name: H & M

Can be purchased for: $34.99 ** Free Delivery **

Squares Platform Mules

Store Name: Shoes Pie

Can be purchased for: $78.39 ** Sale 83% Off **

Straight-Leg Jeans

These babies are from 90s, but they are back in style and arguable best bottoms for the ladies who are in their 40s. You can pull out the old but great pair from these from storage or get a new pair. When buying a new pair, go for a vintage looking pair that’s relaxed and stonewashed through the legs.

Shop the Style:

Vintage Straight Jeans

Store Name: Shop Bop

Can be purchased for: $275.00 ** Free Shipping**

Moto Bleach Raw Hem Straight Leg Jeans

Store Name: Topshop

Can be purchased for: $75.00 ** Free Shipping and free returns**

Don’t quit before you try and you will rule the 40s like a queen that you are. You have an ideal? Leave us a hint. 

Published On: March 18, 2017