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Children’s Clothing Size Guide: Find The Right Fit For Your Kids

Be it, children or adults, everyone loves to shop for clothes. Shopping for children can either be fun or an overwhelming experience for the parents. That’s because it is very confusing to find the right fit for your child. Since children grow super-fast, it is better to purchase the clothes that last them longer. Make sure to keep the children’s clothing sizing guide in mind before purchasing clothes for your toddler or young child. Redeem Babies & Kids Clothing Coupons to save considerably on your next purchase. 

Things to consider before purchasing clothes for your kids:

Children’s Clothing Size Guide: Find The Right Fit For Your Kids

Apart from the size, there are various other things that you need to cover before you purchase a clothing item for your child. Some of these things include:

  • Make sure the material is soft
  • The quality should be exceptional
  • Buy something that carries your child in every season 
  • Buy a size bigger since children tend to grow faster
  • Don’t spend too much on children clothing as they grow out of their clothes fairly rapidly

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Why children’s clothing sizing guide is important?

Clothing guides help parents to understand the measurements easily. Sometimes, when you want to order a clothing item from an online store, you end up buying the wrong size. Since everyone has a different body type, it’s hard to figure out what would actually fit you using Small, Medium and Large size tags. That’s when you need the clothing size guide chart to rescue you from the worrisome situation you are experiencing. 

Children’s Clothing Size Guide: Find The Right Fit For Your Kids

Understanding the children’s clothing sizing guide:

Children grow up fast. This means that you need to shop for their clothes many times season after season. Once you understand the children’s clothing sizing guide, you can select the best outfits for your little ones and make each moment of their young life memorable. Use CCbabe Coupon Codes 2020 to purchase some of the best baby clothing items on discount. You will need three types of clothing size guides as your child grows. These include:

Children’s Clothing Size Guide: Find The Right Fit For Your Kids

  • Baby clothing size guide
  • Toddler clothing size guide 
  • Children clothing size guide 

Baby clothes: Your newborn will go through various sizes in his first year. Before purchasing clothing items for the baby coming, you need to keep in mind the time of the year your baby will be born. No matter which season your baby is born, you need to stock weather-appropriate clothes before his/her arrival. With Promo Codes you can avail amazing discounts on your baby clothes purchase. 

Summer appropriate clothing for the newborn:

If your baby is about to arrive in the summer season you should select clothes which are:

  • Light in weight
  • Breathable 
  • Prevent heat rashes

Winter appropriate clothing for the newborn: 

While purchasing winter-appropriate clothing items for your newborn, you should purchase items which 

  • Offer insulation
  • Are Breathable 
  • soft yet warm fabric

While you buy winter-appropriate clothes for the baby to arrive, try not to forget hats, booties and mittens for your tiny one. By using Uideazone Discount Codes you can purchase your desired baby clothing items at a discounted price. 

Size guide:

The size guide for the baby clothes is based on months. The size of the baby grows month by month all along his first year. However, even then babies will vary in their sizes and weight. Therefore, clothes for babies come in a range of sizes. For example, clothes for 3-6months will fit all those babies who fall within this range. Choose the size range that you believe will fit your baby for at least six months. This way you would save money to be spent on baby clothes as he grows out in a matter of months. With Dress for Cocktails Coupon Codes, you can keep your child looking good on a budget.

Baby Clothing Sizes:

Size Average Age Length Weight
New Born Birth to 2 Weeks Up to 21.5 Inches 5-8 Pounds
0 - 3 Months 2 weeks to 3 months 19-23 Inches 8-12.5 Pounds
3 - 6 Months 3 to 6 Months 24 - 26 Inches 12 - 15 Pounds
6 - 9 Months 6 to 9 Months 27 - 28 Inches 16 - 18 Pounds
9 - 12 Months 9 to 12 Months 29 - 30 Inches 19 - 20 Pounds
12 - 18 Months 12 to 18 Months 31 - 32 Inches 21 - 23 Pounds
18 - 24 Months 18 to 24 Months 33 - 35 Inches 24 - 28 Pounds

Clothes for toddlers: 

When your infant grows from a baby into a toddler, you will require durable clothes that don’t restrict child movements as he learns to walk. Moreover, these items should be sturdy enough to withstand falling and crawling the growing baby goes through. 
Purchase pants and trousers with elastic waistbands that easily come off when the child has to use the bathroom since buttons and zippers will make it difficult. This will make potty training easier for both the child and parents. Stock up enough clothes to get you through the week until the laundry day arrives. moreover, always keep extra clothes with you in case, an accident occurs. 

Toddler clothing size guide:

The sizing guide for toddlers is based upon the age of the children in years. at this stage, you might need to shop only once or twice a year. You can tell if the size is right for your toddler or not with the help of T after the number. T indicates the age of the child. Size guides for toddlers also come with a weight section. That’s because some children can be bigger or smaller than the average size. The weight mention makes it easy for the parents to choose the right fit for their toddler.

Toddler Clothing Sizes:

Size Average Age Height Weight
2T 2 years old 33 - 33.5 Inches 24 - 28 Pounds
3T 3 years old 36 - 38.5 Inches 28.5 - 32 Pounds
4T or Child's XS 4 years old 39 - 41 Inches 33 - 36 Pounds

Clothes for children: 

After a couple of years, your baby will no longer be as little as he used to be. He must have started going to kindergarten now. which means he would have his own preferences and likings in clothing. This means you need to ask your child first about his opinion in color, size and style. Young children prefer comfort over style. They want the type of clothes that carry them in the playground, backyard and elsewhere. Therefore, they would most likely choose basic tees and jeans over anything else. However, your child wardrobe should also have a couple of formal outfits that he could wear to special occasions.

Size guide: 

The sizing parameter for both girls and boys in this category is the same. It ranges from 4-6. At this stage, the size of the clothing item doesn’t coordinate with the age any longer.

Final thoughts:

Children’s Clothing Size Guide: Find The Right Fit For Your Kids

There is a list of things you need to keep in mind while purchasing clothes for your babies, toddlers and growing children. However, the most important among them is the size. In this fast-forward world of fashion, even children care for how they look. Therefore, you need to choose the right fit for them. When you go for an instore purchase, you can get your child to try on a dress to see whether it fits or not. However, when it comes to online shopping, its hard to guess the right size. Therefore, the websites need to have a Children’s clothing sizing guide present within the Baby shopping guide.

Published On: May 11, 2020

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