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How A Single Product Father Son Start-Up Grew Over 1000% In A Year

SA Fishing, also known as Salt Armor, is a Florida-based company that has made its presence felt in just two years’ time. The company is operating in what can be termed as a highly competitive market segment. Due to affordable prices and top notch of product quality, Salt Armor is occupying a larger business share in the market. So much so that it is selling several of its products in significant numbers. Initially, the company had just one product in the market, the fishing apparel, and accessories. The product offered high quality at low prices, something the competition struggled to cope up with. Though the company still has to cement itself as an established player in fishing apparel and related stuff, it has made early inroads and made its presence felt in a grand way. Here is more on how a small father-son company grew over 1000% in a single year:

The Humble Beginnings

The SA Co. started as Salt Armor carries the mission to provide quality fishing apparels and other accessories to customers at a fraction of the cost. The company is consistently improving its product quality and adding newer products to its portfolio. As such, SA Fishing. Now looks all set to challenge bigger rivals in the industry. Initially, the company ran into trouble for some reasons. As a newcomer, SA Fishing. had to deal with several problems that involved changing company name due to a lawsuit filed by a competitor and a dismal volume of sales. Soon after, the company began focusing on enhancing sales and endorsed on several sales friendly policies.

Brand Recognition And Increasing Sales

Every new startup has to create room for its business, especially in a tightly fought business environment. For Tom, the founder of SA Fishing things was no different. It took the company a while to grasp how things were in the fishing apparel and sportswear market. It turned out that at least one big fish was dictating terms in the industry. Immediately, SA Fishing saw the market needed a parity in business quite badly. Two things were necessary:

  • Fair competition
  • Affordable price

The newcomer took the opportunity to create a niche for itself. There was plenty of room for improvement, and Tom wasted no time in capitalizing on it. He saw a lack of innovation and style among existing fishing apparels and sportswear, so he decided to ingest some. SA Fishing introduced quality apparels and sporting gear at very affordable prices. That was not all; he also facilitates customers to buy equipment on attractive discounts and schemes. He believes that communication is pivotal between company and customers. To further his cause, he emphasized the need of timely and spontaneous customer support.

Boosting Sales Through Secondary Means

SA Fishing is always looking for business expanding opportunities. The company takes pride in providing quality apparels and fish accessories at nominal prices. Customers can find a broad range of product promotions and schemes including product discounts, sales, and coupons. For instance, buyers can now enjoy deep discounts on different face shield packs, t-shirts, wrap bracelets, face coupon codes and package deal items. That’s not all, customers at ClothingRIC can buy apparels and multi function face shields at up to 70% discount SA Fishing promo code on stock clearance sales. Some deals even provide free shipments on purchasing merchandise worth $100 or more.

With all said and done, now was the time to focus on marketing. Tom spent ample time in formulating the company’s social media strategy. To say that SA Fishing has a size able social media presence would be an understatement. The company not only focuses on all popular social media platforms, but its pages are also regularly updated with new content, pictures, videos, and events. This timely update has helped the company to have a fan base of 5 million and is growing by the day. Despite that, the company stands firm on its core business values and takes pride in the trust and faith its customers have shown so far. Price competition is another aspect that Tom has kept in focus since the beginning. Tom knew that his company was at the odds against rivals like Under Armor, a $billion corporation selling fishing apparel and sportswear for over a decade.

Looking Beyond

Due to consistency and company’s ability to focus on enhancing sales, SA Fishing continued to grow at a brisk pace. So much so, that the corporation had already become a recognized brand in the market for several reasons. For instance, just after a year of its stint into business, the company had met and exceeded several sales targets. After branding itself as a lifestyle apparel brand, SA Fishing began paving its way into passionate sailors and saltwater fishing enthusiasts. Due more increasing sales and popularity, SA Fishing emerged as one of the largest buyers of white shirts in Florida region, which further highlighted its growing sales.

The news came at a time when the company was already selling its fishing apparel deals and face shields in record numbers. In the meantime, the company was also enjoying a productive social media marketing campaign on its Instagram page. All products from SA Fishing can be attributed to a multitude of factors. For instance, the company enjoys its ability to communicate with its customers flawlessly. Having flawless and hassle free communication with fans and customers on social media has helped the company increase sales tremendously. Moreover, an elaborate and timely customer interaction only brought more profits and particular audience to the enterprise. SA Fishing is always open to new marketing campaign suggestions, provided that they fit the company code on how to engage the audience and turn them into customers. Due to rapidly growth, the company now also enjoys BBB accreditation. For Tom and his business, only the sky is the limit. There is no stopping until SA Fishing reaches its selling goals by 2020. Afterward, Tom has plans to expand the business to other parts of the world by adding more employees and infrastructure and establish offices at various locations. 

Published On: July 07, 2017