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How to look fabulous in your 50s

Nowadays it is almost taboo to be 50 and look like 50, as the world lives by the slogan Forever 21. The fashion stylists and designers are dedicated to clothes for young generations whereas there is no focus on designing apparels for 50+, which is why it is unheard to find 50+ fashions on runaways. Women of older age are almost clueless about how to dress up for work and other events as there are no specific clothes for their category. 

On the other hand, we can see celebrities over 50 such as Helen Mirren, Michelle Pfeiffer, Cher, Madonna, Jane Fonda, Jamie Lee Curtis, Sandra Bullock and much more gliding through their 50’s whilst stealing the show on Red Carpets. These celebrities are the inspiration for women nevertheless their Oscar-worthy gowns can hardly be worn to office or brunch!

Monotone colors

Usually, the dressing is done by the combination of light and dark shades, if the top is pastel the lowers should darker and vice versa. Nonetheless, Queen Elizabeth of England who has been a style icon and a class itself has always been fond of monotone wardrobe and it does not look bland or drab. The monotone or block colored suits and dresses look incredible on older women. It gives a very immaculate and uncluttered appearance of-course for a little zing and bling you can pair up your dress with colored shoes, bag or scarf whichever accessory you are going for.

High-necks and cowl-necks

When you start to mature the skin starts showing the signs of aging, it is wrinkled and sagging that make women most uncomfortable about. Especially the neck region starts to lose rigidity and give rise to folds that are undesirable; the high-necks are the best solution. The cashmere, sweater, and shirts with high-necks beautifully camouflage it; this shirt can be worn over jeans, wide-leg pants and skirts along jacket and blazer and will make a great office outfit and apparel for casual dinner and lunch.


It is easy to flaunt your shaved legs in skirts and cut-off when you are young but do you want to do it even when you are 50? Your legs may be toned but the skin-fest is not so flattering at 50, which do not mean you have to shun skirts and knee-length dresses altogether. The wrap dresses and knee-length skirts are a fashion statement at 50 too, all you have to do now is wear a panty-hose or leggings beneath them, and we promise you they will still look amazing but it will give your appearance more grace and panache!


Seriously whoever invented them was genius. I cannot come up with any other clothing article that is so gender neutral, all ages appropriate plus so handy that you can wear anywhere without looking over-dressed. Jeans are versatile and you can wear them at the office and for casual get-together too, they are great to hold your wobbly bits into place and can be paired with a multitude of options. Although stay miles away from ripped, patched and acid wash jeans are ridiculous to wear for even younger generations too.

Fancy Blazers

Getting old does not mean to empty your previous clothing into dust-bin; you can still wear some of your pre-loved dress and make a striking entrance at the events. Dressing for old age does not mean you have to go for “better call Saul” variety suits which are baggy and boxy, even the sleeve-less apparel in your closet can be revived. One simple trick “jackets” pair them up with fancy jacket or blazer here by fancy I do not mean sequined, embellished and shiny; but go for other colors rather than plain solid colors and it will rejuvenate your entire outfit while making it age appropriate.

Floral patterns

Either it is a dress, blouse, shirt or skirt with the floral pattern it gives a whole new dimension to your outfit. It takes off the attention from the flabby silhouette, if you are not a fan of plain monochromatic ensembles then floral dresses is the alternative to you. You can put on this dress and you are ready to go, it needs no added supplements to make it work, however, if you are working at the formal office you can always put on a jacket over it to give more editorial and formal look.

Wide-leg pants

Last but not least another most versatile and multipurpose option is wide-leg pants because who can conceal un-toned legs and flabby thighs better than wide-leg pants? They can be worn to the office, your daughter’s graduation, on your fancy date and on grocery shopping and it will never get any eye rolls. The pleated or plain solid colored pants can be paired with numerous tops and blouses for the more formal look you can top it off with blazers and voila you have instantly transformed yourself into “Diva” without hour’s efforts. If it is too hot to put jeans on then the wide pants are your savior, they can be worn in every season and can never be overwhelming. 


Most mature women switch to flat pumps or sandals that are an excellent choice without a question but is it the only option? The answer is of course not! It is very difficult to sport 4-inch heels even for a 20-year-old too but if you have been wearing heels all your life why toss them out now? Although keep them for more formal events where you are sure you don’t have to be on your feet much because by the end of the event you don’t want swelled ankles and excruciating pain in legs, or worse trip while you are at it. Keep your heels less than 4 inches, this will accentuate your figure and elongate your physique; the kitten heels and mules are most fitting and appropriate as they can literally be worn over everything from jeans to evening gowns and never look out-dated. However, if you have never been a fan of heels then you can opt for pumps, sandals, and sneakers.

Formal two-piece suits

Suits are really is “timeless” whether you are 20 or whether you are 60; you can pull of two-piece suits at any age and still look chic and smart. However the color selection can vary with age, yet again the solid colors such as black, navy blue and gray are age-less too.

Though you can go for more neutral and pastel colors with exceeding age but if you are comfortable with dark colors, add a little pop by incorporating colorful blouse beneath or colored blazers, given they should be not lurid hues which are capable of piercing the eyes.

Published On: July 09, 2018