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Latest Casual Shoe Trend For Girls 2014

Studded footwear is now in fashion. Be it the pumps or fashionable sandals, studded shoes add to your feminine look very well. There is nothing that looks as trendy as a pair of studded shoes with lace socks that match your outfit. A lot of models are now considering the studded footwear because they are not only trendy but look great when worn to a party or a formal event. Once you have bought your dress for the occasion, invest in a good quality studded pair of shoes to flaunt it wherever you go!

Studded Shoes For Girls

Major platforms are another example of trendy footwear which have been in fashion for 2014. Much famous among the girls, the shoes are bright, colorful, vibrant and bring life to your overall appearance. You will also come across retro platforms which look great on young girls. If you are looking for an alternative to dainty pumps, these retro platforms are exactly what you are looking for. You can pair these up with bright colored socks to maximize their look. This season, become the trendsetter by wearing an excellent pair of platforms to a hangout with the girls.
Floral shoes are back in fashion. They have been super favorites among women and will remain so for the many more years to come. Pairing up your floral dress with plain shoes is common, now go on to pair a plain dress with your floral shoes to see the best fashion trends coming out from you. Flowers represent femininity and that is why ladies fashion and floral patterns simply go hand in hand. Now, you do not have to be boring by wearing the same old, dull shoes. Prep up your wardrobe a little with classy footwear which will envied by many. 

Floral Shoes For Girls

Stripes in shoes have been the trend for the past decades. It is common to come across a dozen of different designs of striped pattern shoes. If you are not a trendy person, stripes will work perfectly for you. These are classy and perfect for all ages so regardless of your age, style or personality, stripes will work best for you. Stripes are not color restricted. Whether they are black, gold, navy or brown, they will not let you down and will complement your attire in every single way. Stripes when merged with heels are best for they make good footwear options even to flaunt at a formal occasion. 

Wedges have been a major hit in the 2014 and will continue to be so. If you cannot think of a way to give yourself a boost, pointed wedges are the best option you can rely on. Printed wedges have been loved by women all across the world and that is why designers are coming up with new trendy wear that can perfectly match your mood. Keep your outfit plain and let the patterned wedges to their work. Flaunt a breezy summer dress or wear a plain button down with it being half tucked in for a more trendy look.

Platforms are best when you are looking to give yourself several extra inches. These kind of shoes will keep you comfortable and you will not have to sacrifice your comfort only for the look of it. Spring dresses best go with platforms and you will totally love the effect they create. Get a pair of platforms today to give yourself the cool-girl look.

Wadges Summer Shoes

If you are wondering why the leopard printed shoes are not on the list yet, here they come! They are fashionable, upbeat and will make you become the talk of the town. So this season, when you pack the bags for the vacation, do not forget to look up for a good pair of leopard print footwear to stay in the limelight for long.

See through shoes were in fashion long time back but they have hit the industry again! 2014 is going to be a brilliant year for see troughs with a lot of people looking for them. These shoes come with sexy heels with change the way you look. So if you are going to flaunt patterned tights, nothing is going to enhance them more other than the see through shoes.

Last but not the least, denim footwear is exciting too. They not only match up with everything but will also bring out the trendy personality in you. The best thing about these shoes is that they will match up with the wildest of your dresses and make you look classy. Other types of fashionable footwear include gladiators, espadrille flats, holograms, patchwork footwear and many more. 

Everyone loves trendy footwear and so do you. This season, forget the rest and invest in a range of different footwear which will keep you prepped up all year!

Published On: June 05, 2014