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Formal Fashion Trends Of Summer 2014

Style That Suits You In Summer:

The world for formal clothes is not suffocating – if you think that way, you are seriously mistaken. You can blend as much styles as you want and get something that satisfies your need at best. Formal clothing is a cliché – it is assumed or you can say interpreted in many ways, based on culture and values. Something beyond that is a preference; this simply means that casual styles are picked and made formals these days. In fact people want to have formal clothes at they can easily wear on casual parties and night events.

wardrobe Formal Dresses 

What are formal clothes basically? Or let us put it this way, how do you see formal clothing in your wardrobe? It is nothing different from whatever you wear casually, but formal clothes are more style centric and infused with various cuts and establish an elegant statement.

There is a certain mood or you can say occasions to wear formal clothes. They are in high demand on cultural occasions like weddings, gatherings and corporate events. You would never see anyone walking into a formal occasion in jeans and casual tee. Indeed, one has to dress up according to the demand of the occasion. You certainly need good, formal clothes for moments like:

•    Business conferences

•    Interviews

•    Presentations

•    Outings

•    Social gatherings

•    Parties

•    Family occasions

For all these times you either pick up something formal from the malls or look for the most decent yet stylish one in your wardrobe. 

Working man and woman, both seem to be much troubled with their clothing’s. There is no way that they can wear casual even a single day. However, thanks to designers who have developed various collections, cuts, styles and alluring combinations these days can go along well.

Western style:

These days you would find most exotic and sensational chiffon tops that can be worn with jeans and dress pants. They look sophisticated and certainly help you get swag like no other.
So, this summer make sure you stuff your formal wardrobe with lots of chiffon and jersey tops. Colors that would compliment your overall style include:

•    Yellows

•    Corals

•    Blues

•    Ivory

If you want to wear pure western attire, you can get look up to some sexy looking fitted blouses and pencil skirts. These will help you expose your curves too – also, silky and flowy shirts and knee length dresses are also great formal picks. 

Skirts Collection for Summer

Don’t forget to carry big and bold strap bags. This summer’s these will help you in boosting your swag. Shoes and sandals with straps would help you further enhance your style. If it’s too hot, do not go for really high heels. Try and wear something that looks classy yet attractive. Flats with straps and good colors will facilitate your need. It is time to say good bye to all those bogus and old style clothing’s, bags and shoes. So, now you do not have to worry about anything before leaving for any formal business occasion or even daily wear. 

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Eastern picks:

Now let’s talk about some formal eastern picks – you might be little confused about it. When western wear is talked about, formals are considered as heavy embroideries and wedding wears. Well, formal can anything that goes a little ahead than the casuals. Long shirts (kurtis) with straight cut pants, tights and leggings are kind of formals. However, these kurtis have something on the neckline like embroideries and buttons. The cloth is even different – silk chiffons are main fabrics with stylish cuts are also perfect formal wear.
These days fashion trends are rapidly changing. Loose pants, straight pants or leggings, anything would work with carried with a nice kurta. Complimenting overall look with big bags and funky slippers can help in enhancing the style. In terms of colors, summers would be ruled with:

•    Pinks

•    Corals

•    Blues

•    Ivory

Don’t forget to add some accessorizes to your overall look. Nice watches, big rings, bold chocker necklaces and earrings would simply look adorable. These summers wear a formal style that you have not ever thought of yet!

Published On: August 22, 2014