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Gentleman’s Guide for Buying the Perfect Suit

Whether you are headed to meet a big client or are attending a summertime wedding on a rooftop Italian restaurant, your suit is what will define your personality. The men’s suit has a fashionable, befitting, and gorgeously appealing vibe that is not tough to master. 

Yet, not all men manage to leave a lasting impression when clad in a suit. The reason is straightforward - not all men understand that this formal wear requires effort. So much unlike pulling off a pair of slim-fit jeans and a white crewneck shirt. 

Gentleman’s Guide for Buying the Perfect Suit

From the tailoring to the details like the lapels, arm holes, buttons to questions like double-breasted or single, a good chunk of time and thought goes into buying a suit for a pleasing result to be produced. 

If you’re new to the whole scenario, you likely have a lot of questions about how to look exquisite in a suit. The answer is here, in this starter guide about how you can get the perfect suit according your requirements. Let’s start: 

1 - The Purpose 

Your starting point is the purpose for which you are getting a suit. Do you want to make it a part of your day-to-day business meetings’ wardrobe? Or are you getting a custom suit made for a special event? Perhaps you have to attend your best friend’s wedding. 

Depending on this, you can decide on what the style of your suit should be. Based on your personal style, you should choose a suit with a matching jacket and trousers for office wear. However, business casual clothing allows you to pick contrasting jackets and trousers as well. 

If you’re making your way to an informal party or event, you have more freedom to play with fabrics, colors, and styles. 

2 - The Fabric 

Next up, the fabric of the suit is what you should direct your focus on. The material that should be your pick depends on the climate in which you’ll be wearing the suit. Super wools, cotton, and linen are common choices for suit fabrics in summers. 

For the colder months, flannel can do. There’s a lot more choice when it comes to fabrics with Qiviut, Vicuña and Guanaco falling in the expensive range. Your goal shouldn’t only be to get fabric that is weather-friendly, but that which is sustainable as well. 

Depending on the weight of the fabric, stitching can be easier and finer. Experts in the tailoring field recommend a medium weight cloth. 

3 - The Fit 

When it comes to men’s suits, the fitting is another aspect that needs attention. Your suit shouldn’t exactly stick to your measurements like a latex costume. Instead, it should always have enough room for movement without being loose and shabby. 

There should be ample space between the jacket and the shirt, just enough to fit your flat hand. The shoulders of the jacket shouldn’t be so narrow as to restrict movement nor should they be so broad that your head appears smaller. About the chest area, strictly avoid a size that’s even slightly small.

The length of the trousers and their bottom opening should be in relation to the shoes. The trouser should sit on your waist, not hips. Plus, the pockets should be flat.

4 - The Details 

A great suit’s making can be completely ruined if the details lack quality. Think lackluster buttons or buttonholes with threads coming out. No matter how small, the deets count. The waist button shouldn’t sit too high or too low - it’s placement must be just right. 

The holes of the sleeves should also be such that they aren’t wide as that would make it seem like the suit doesn’t even belong to you. The collar and the lapel notch height are other features that need your attention. 

Think about which style of a jacket you want - single- or double-breasted? Also consider how many buttons there are on it. 

5 - The Tailoring 

You have three choices - to buy a ready-to-wear suit, a made-to-measure one or a bespoke one. Now the ready-to-wear suit would cost you less, but it will also limit your choices and will probably not fit or accentuate your build to look better as the other choices. 

A made-to-measure suit means one that gives you some control over the design and fit. Such a suit is, typically, machine sewn. A made-to-measure suit can sometimes pull off the same grandeur that a bespoke suit does. 

A bespoke suit is one that is finely and precisely tailored to look perfect on you. Beware a bespoke suit is the costliest and most time-consuming one though. 

6 - The Budget 

Last but not the least, your budget is what you need to consider too. Depending on it, you’ll be able to decide more on what type of a suit you can buy and if you can get it tailored somewhat. Your best bet is to enter an outlet with the biggest budget you can afford. 

Note that you’ll have to splash out a good amount of money to get to your suit readied. If you are short on cash, but in desperate need of a suit, you can purchase a ready-made one. Perhaps you’ll be able to get one on a discount or through a coupon

Search for the best options you can avail in a retail store where different brands are available. And see if there are any discounts that can be applicable even if you choose MTM suit tailoring. 

So, this was our mini guide on how you can get the perfect suit for yourself and all the tips you’ll need when purchasing one. Do you have any more essential pointers to add? Go ahead and discuss in the comments’ section!

Published On: December 16, 2020

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