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Pointers to Valentine’s Fashion for Men

Love is in the air and so is Valentine’s Day. Did you get her perfect gift yet? Reserved seats at her favorite restaurant? Plan fun activities and pick of a knock-off outfit? You are scratching your head now thinking of this burden-some, excruciating tasks don’t you? However first and foremost mission on this special day is you have to put extra effort in your appearance to be someone she wants to be seen with. So sorry guys you cannot put on the 3 days old pizza stained jeans and rumpled sweaty shirt.

Don’t pull your hair yet fretting about what to wear to make her heart race; pros across the globe have been through similar situation and have thus compiled list of tips and no-no’s for V-day attires also store like ralph lauren can help you out with your style

Meeting place

Of course you want to knock-away your dearie by giving straight outta billboard vibes but before going shopping keep in mind the venue for date and dress according to the date’s venue. If you are going to go on movie date you don’t want to ponder over movie lines in three-piece suit and wingtips. If you have scheduled tennis or golf date at your favorite club don’t put on your Tiger woods gear or shirts embellished with sports logo, you are not coming out of Wimbledon arena, are you? Dress in something casual, like jeans and sneakers and further top it off with bomber jacket. If you have planned day-out brunch pair your outfit with overcoat it makes you appear more put-together, sharp and a babe-magnet!

Lurid Hues                                 

Breakfast at Bistro and picnic at parks screams for casual pair of un-scuffed sneakers twined with jeans and shirts will get you ready in no time for an outdoor date. You want to put on something comfortable that will not get in the way of your outdoor activities however comfy does not equate to worn-out shirts in lurid colors. Freakishly bright colors and neon hues are extremely over-whelming and stomach turning, it will scare off your precious and make her run for hills, not exactly what you planned for. While dressing up select colors that are not vivid and eyes popping after all you want to hit town in style while saving few buck through discounted deals at available at several stores.

Solid Colors

If your date is reserved in fancy restaurant you definitely want to speed your dressing game. Here you have to pose like GQ magazine cover after all you wish your ladylove to drool over you. Get well-fit solid colored suits they are classy, ageless and appropriate for dinners to meetings. Solid colors include grey, navy blue, and charcoal. However ensure first that they are properly tailored, baggy suits have this loathsome silhouette to it and two size bigger pants puddles over shoes like molten rubber; this paints the picture of man struggling through midlife crisis. Even skin hugging attires are unflattering; they put on display your wobbly bits and paunch. Steer away deep V-neck shirts that puts your newly waxed chest on display, Oh we know you are tempted to flaunt it but it is shabby and repulsive.

Socks with sandals

This is the most heinous crime one can commit. Outdoor activities calls for casual comfy footwear and in scorching heat sandals are the best option to keep your feet from sweating profusely but wearing socks along them defeats the whole purpose! Socks are meant for closed-toe shoes. Sandals with socks are plainly juvenile and unacceptable, next time you are tempted to twin socks and sandals combo just bite the bullet and go along with sandals only.

Un-kept beard/Hair

Your darling has envisioned you identical to Brad Pitt. With over-grown beard, long shabby hair it is difficult to tell you apart from next homeless dude. Trim those hairs and shape that beard. Your girlfriend wishes to flaunt you as an arm candy not an ape emerging from cave. Always bring a notch-down to hair gel; you don’t want to appear as you have crashed head first in the bucket of grease.

Appropriate accessories

Skinny ties were tossed into bins decade ago why are they still hanging in your closets? Silk pocket squares with matching ties are extremely passé. Wingtips shoes are highly over-rated too. Update your closet with current trends and styles. Accessories like wrist watches, sunglasses and bracelets are not suitable for every setting choose them wisely before going out and keep them minimal.

These are tips collected by trial and tested by the very best of fashion advisors to guide every man through V-day style. "The first impression is the lasting impression" put your effort into your outfit and you will be instantly transformed into heartthrob, a dream come true right? Follow these pointers and have an amazing, jam-packed valentine.

Published On: February 13, 2018