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44% of Nordstrom Sales Come From Store’s Loyalty Programs

It is big for Nordstrom as well as their loyal members that they are the reason for almost half of the sales that store, is recording. The CFO and Executive Vice President of the Nordstrom, Michael G. Koppel confirmed the importance of store’s rewards and loyalty programs which is making their business grow and strengthen.

There has been an increase of 10% in what were already 4.5 million loyal members as recorded in the Second-quarter earnings conference call. The decision makers of the company are planning ahead to diversify this loyalty program even more with more comfortable ideas of offering discounts to its loyal members.

Currently offering a $20 notes on every 2000 points that customers may earn with shopping is forming an effective cycle of shopping causing 9% increase in the sales just in second quarter.

In series of evolution of its strategies, Nordstrom intends to make the mobile and online shopping experience faster and better for its consumers. Buying product via text is the new program that will be introducing soon and is one of the company’s long term dedication. 

While we look ahead to more that Nordstrom is going to offer to its loyal members, the new ones may get a taste of great discounts from 25% to 75% on fashion clothing and stunning shoes that the store includes in its collection. Check out these amazing codes now.

Published On: August 20, 2015