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Sneakers for Women to Fall in Love With

What used to be a “comfort option only in the past” has now become a mainstream fashion on ramps and semi-formal events as well. Credit goes to designers who have modernized and embellished the sneakers with so much attention that the trend is again living a blissful age after dying down in the 80’s. Every design seems like the best that could be done to a pair of shoes and yet there is more to follow and luckily to wear too.
For sneaker’s case, the creative designers joining the brands has turned out to be cost effective option for everyone. If you haven’t ordered a pair in a while, here goes your shopping inspiration.

1. Platform Sneakers by Famous Footwear for $39.99

Platform Sneaker

There are people who would not consider sneakers because of their height issue, but that excuse goes to the bin with these platform sneakers being offered by famous shoes for a viable price. If we endorse these shoes perfect for a weekend party style and with all the comfort, it would not be an understatement.

2. Sketchers Memory Foam Sneakers for $59.99

With their price slightly high from what a frugal budget expects, these sneaker pair are really an exception and luck for those who can still find them in the price. The slip on property and colorful lace details all over the shoes compensate for the price.

3. Supra Black Patch Velcro Strap Sneakers for $59.90

Nothing like what your friends or cool girls from the circle already own, you can be entitled to these comfort sneakers available at Choies now on sale. Luckily available in pink and black, the shoes have comforting structure that supplies a combination of energy and empowering style.

4. Chuck Taylor DC Comics Joker for $60

It is always a great relief to buy something that will never be questioned in terms of fashion. Converse has never failed to create these feeling with the sneakers that you can wear in your personalized style and be different every time. Converse is bonding with lots of designers and the result is sneakers in their most revolutionized state. Besides comics joker pair, other Converse products are no less great and worth a tour.

5. Gray Perforate Slip-On Sneaker for $49

Sneakers with a slip on property and elite styling is a dream for many easy-goers. If laces had been a reason why you never put a sneaker pair on, Express has heard you well. Their grey pair with almond toe and faux leather styling is definitely not something which you can easily skip for a given price.

Published On: March 01, 2016