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10 Different Styling and Grooming Hacks Every Fashionable ChicShould Know

Have you got fed-up with splurge on clothing and other accessories to look nothing but up-to-the-minute? And still think that celebs and style bloggers have ultimate wardrobes; but wait!! The reality is all of these fashionista ladies and handsome dudes make tiny tweaks to make their basic wearable look seriously chic. This is how they give a fresh look to their existing wardrobe. And any one you can do so by reinventing the looks they have already worn on repeat, just need to play-up with pieces you already have. It can be anything between from adding a cool layer to remix number of closet staples to dig up a forgotten item in your wardrobe.

Men and women, both need time to time updates to their look and that can be done smoothly when pay attention on what you already have and purchase pieces that can boost your style-mantra. Here we are with the women styling tips and tricks, which make each of you to slay every OOTD!!

Upraise your Basics

This can be done simply, take any of your favorite wearable that is basic and take it to the next level by accessorizing well. Even pairing it with high heels and a chic bag, you can give perfect edge to your appearance.

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Say YES to Big and Small Prints

We have been reading that plus-size chic should avoid wearing big prints or designs, but design and print and nothing to do with size if it has a great cut. Whether you are petite, plus size or whatever size you belong, go selective with the cut and dress style that suits best to your personality. You can also layer on contrasting prints to add brightness to your look.

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Knot the Button-Down Shirt

Whether it’s a plaid shirt or a plain one, probably every girl has the one in closet, which they wear by tucking in or not. You can have a totally changed look by making knot of it’s at your belly, this wont only accent your waste in sassy way but will look superb. If its winter, then wear a turtleneck underneath while wearing shirt with knot to keep your belly save from chilling. You can also wear the shirt with tied knot on any of your dress. Access, Theseamstressofbloomsbury coupon offers to experience the new take on button down shirts. The literally different taste in the online fashion that you need to try.

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Layer With a Shirt Inside

Every lady must have a sleeveless dress, so use it in winter too with long sleeves shirt or sweater. And have one more option to jazz-up your style game in chilling season. This one is fail-proof and automatically makes anyone look totally stylish. This layering thing can also go great if you wear a sleeveless sweater on a full sleeve shirt. Get the summer dresses out and wear them like a pro!

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Give Ordinary Piece Velvet Touch

Velvet piece can instantly make your dress look expensive and enhance your ordinary look in totally classy way. It’s the season’s biggest texture story too, so layer it up with any of your closet pieces. They can get along well with anything you wear it with.

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Wear Athleisure Outside of Gym

It’s a new fashion statement and you can totally rock with it, this also makes it easy to hit the gym anytime and go meeting friends and shopping right after intense workout at gym.  You can incorporate a go-to look by having a long coat on it or wear legging with your favorite t-shirt and shorts bra. From track suit to hoodie to sweat pants, you can wear any of them in style. Start simple with elegant style at YogasMoga, they have 40% off on entire order right now.

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Belt Your Layer

Whether it’s a puffy layer, parka, furry or big size jacket, give it a different look by accessorizing it well with using a belt. Every girl has minimum 3-4 different styling belts, so make them help in giving your waste an accent and a perfect look in the freezing temperatures without sacrificing your fashion-mantra. It’s also one of the most workable street styles that celebs are also using.

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Get Few Socks and Legwarmers

Not only long and ankle boots, but use your summer shoes and sandals in this winter too. Following the winter fashion week, just wear socks with your summer shoes and sandals. You can also give new twist and look to your boots, booties, and bottoms by wearing leg warmers with them. Get your fancy heels in your feet and show-off your leg-warmers.

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Use Your Jacket as a Cape

And by this, we mean draping your jacket, blazer, and coat loosely on your shoulders. This is also called out as Coat Slinging or Shoulder Robing. We usually see many celebs get styled in capes, and that look really cool. So, don’t splurge on cape as we don’t wear it on regular basis. However, to give your appearance a glam, drape your coat and enjoy the weather.

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Mix and Match

We have been listening that opposite attracts. Give this theory life and experiment it by pairing your bohemian maxi with ladylike pieces or wear loafers with the flirtiest dress of your wardrobe. Dress creatively, have fun, and get ready for lots of compliments. May be some times it won’t work, but mostly it works. So dare to experiment and let your creativity explore that how many looks you can try for exceptional presence.

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Make it all about Winter Accessories

Not only should your clothes have all the fun, but make accessories part of it. And how about when you play style-game well by putting all the focus on accessorizing well?? Wear a plain sweater dress or any other basic jeans and t-shirt, and then get your fashion-styling done playing right with the winter accessories.

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Try these tips and tricks. We bet!! You will be surprised with the fact that there are lots of pieces in your closet that can be worn in entirely different way and still look ultra-modern. Never get scared of trying something new, this is how you can learn how to make your styling and fashion-sense better and bigger.

Published On: February 01, 2017