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8 Career Options for Non Graduates to Score 6 Figure Salary

They are scoring well! Time to reconsider certain careers:

Are you living on the planet without the desired amount of recognition? Is there a feeling of discontentment when you think about your past choices? Have you reached here looking for a perfect job that will cover your future goals? Then it is pretty much possible. Without obsessing and regretting about past choices, you can look forward to a greater future with gaining experience and hard work in certain fields. The good nmews is these professions won’t ask for a college degree.
Certain professionals working in the following industries have been noticed to make remarkable incomes for them, with non-conventional standards of management.


Business Plan

Got an idea? Then you definitely deserve and have a chance to make a difference. Entrepreneurs, today have multiple opportunities to launch themselves from scratch independently and then give themselves a perfect boost with minimum hurdles. Receivers and Industries are right now great at embracing the new ideas and finish it without suppressing the rewards of entrepreneurs. You have all the things to learn from Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

Power Plant Technicians:

Can’t stream an idea but have a technical side? Then your future might belong to power plant industry. As stated in Huffington post, the power plant operators industry is turning out massive amount of jobs every year and will do the same in near future. The current earnings of the operators have been noted to be $60k + annually. Looking for a sustainable future? Try the insides of power plant.

Fire Chief:

Fire Chief

You really could not have think of this one. This must be a surprise to you that fire fighter chief is highly valued by the departments and they earn around $100k+ (Source: Moneycrashers) annually, based on their experience. Risk and thrill are both part of the job. In addition the earnings recognizable with amazing growth may be a major interest for the brave ones.


This one has been out and about for a few decades now. Interior designers and fashion designers have become the highly valuable individuals with the elevating life standards. Think you may tailor a fine art with materials? Then fashion industry has the right perks to offer to you. Designers are making $60+ annually (Source: HuffingtonPost) and international and elite labels will always be willing to expand the scale to have thoughtful designers working for them. Best aspect is you can start this career any time and even certify yourself from the best designing schools without boring yourself.

Investigators and Lawyers:

No credit goes to the bundle of thrilling and heroic criminal investigation series that I watch. Other sources have exclaimed this as well that lawyers make potential after their initial training is complete. After 5 years of thrilling experience, they are in power of shaping strong future for them.


Plumber Career Job

Never thought of it before but whenever there is a breakage emergency, we don’t think about the bill twice. It has been confirmed by various resources that plumbing is a well-paid profession and these handymen are rarely out of work. Plumbing pays well ($100k+) per annum against frequently appearing small and big contracts in the market.

Nuclear Power Reactor:

You might not have thought about the nuclear power career, but nuclear plants are paying potential to their operators. You can earn $75k + by working as a nuclear power operator and gain training that will be life changing. For this, the college degree won’t be required.

Service Managers:

Not lots of people would think that they are doing well while watching them running on the floors and responding to rude customers with patience. But for service managers with experience the wage rate is much higher than many graduates.
Can you picture yourself in one of these professions? Then your future is safe for sure.



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Published On: February 11, 2015