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Common Misconceptions About Clothing

With so many fashion worshipers there, it is hard to believe on the advices that are coming from everywhere. Most of them are simply myth – sounds weird right? People say lots of stuff just because they hear others saying the same, there is no credibility or reality behind it. This excerpt even talks about such common misconceptions about clothing – they apply mostly to women though;

1: Plus Size Clothing Helps In Looking Smaller:

Red Plus Size Girl Dressing

Well, if that was the case, every woman on this planet would have looked slim. Any type of clothing that is baggy or simply large, without proper shape would make you look even fat. Therefore, always pick the type of clothes that fit your body. Flattering cuts help you look good, so choose your accurate size.

2: Wear Tights Clothes So That You Look Small:

Simply follow the rule, your clothes should fit you, but not restrict you. Never try and fit yourself in a size that does not belong to you. For example, if you are medium, wear medium, not small or large. Mark this, it is the way you carry yourself, people don’t know what your dress size is! With style and appeal, you can win their hearts in first look by even being plus size.

3: Black Has a "Slimming" Effect:

Slimming Effect Clothing

Black does have the ability to make you look even stunner then how to look slimmer, but it certainly does not have Photoshop abilities. Absolutely not! Do not compromise on bright and other subtle colors, just because you would not look good in them. Try all the colors and wear them in various styles and cuts; you will certainly find lots of appeals in various flattering cuts and colors.

4: Plus Size Women Should Not Wear Prints:

If you are plus size women and people argue that you should abort the idea of having bold prints, please ignore. There is no logic behind this stupid idea – the thing is bold prints enhance your chubby areas, so avoid making the wrong choice. For example, if your thighs are heavier, you can wear plain bottoms and floral shirt; you can rock your style that way easily. Also, just make sure you buy yourself prints that are bold and young, not childish and stupid.

5: Vintage Clothing Will Cost You Arm & Leg:

Vitage Clothing

Vintage designs are now heart of each wardrobe – they should be part of each stylish women and men these days. But, there is a myth about this style – they are expensive and blah. Certainly not! They are absolutely cheap and available on almost every store you shop from. Just take out some time to choose best ones from the market.

6: Horizontal Stripes Are Expandable:

Stripes Desses

You must have heard this non-sense theory many times. Horizontal stripes are innocent, yet many make your think that it makes you look fatter and out of shape. In contrast, vertical stripes work the other way round, making body leaner and smarter. It is just a man-made story, nothing else. There is a simple outlook on this – stripes grab your attention and it looks deep; you can simply wear a contrasting blazer or jacket over striped dress and overcome the phobia.

7: Mix & Match Prints Are Vague:

S mentioned before, vintage clothing is back again, so it is time to get back to mixing  of designs. People love wearing mix and match these days. For example, paisleys and stripes work together and so do the plaids and argyles. This is a common fashion for men and women both. There is certainly no limitation when it comes to mix and match of the designs these days.

8: Sparkles & Sequins Are Limited For Evening Wear:

Sparkles Sequins Clothing

Although it is true that normally sequins and sparkles are not worn during the morning or the noon, but there is no hard and fast rules about it. You can certainly not walk into a café or a hotel wearing your evening gown, neither can you do the same for a board meeting, but there is always a guy to accommodate all this. Wearing a blazer won’t help in this stance, but one more idea can work. You can always wear a smart sequins inner shirt and over it with your coat or formal blazers, so that you can look sexy and stylish.
You even have an option that you can choose an inner shirt which has a sequins neckline or something bling on the neck. So, now you can overcome all your phobias and easily stuff your wardrobe with whatever you want. When it comes to clothes, you make sure that you have something that flatters your body and helps you look beautiful and satisfied.

Published On: January 12, 2016