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Best Korean Beauty Secrets to look like a Korean Celebrity this New Year Eve

Recently everyone has been obsessed with Korean celebrities. Not only they are talented but they defy age with their appearance. The Korean celebrities look half of their age, they have the smoothest, blemish-free skin. The wrinkle-free skin makes it hard to guess what their age is? That is why everyone has been infatuated with Korean celebrities because who does not want to appear young? The Koreans have very specific beauty style which makes them so different and youthful. It is not possible to transform your skin overnight however with your consistent efforts you will be able to make your skin a glow.

Which gives rise to the next question? How to look like Korean Celebrity? To answer this question, we began a quest during which we talked to skin experts and different Korean celebrities. They were gracious enough to share some of their flawless skin secrets which will assist you to achieve Korea skin in no time. If you are also a fan of Korean celebrities and want to look like then fold your sleeves and get to work. Here are some Korean secrets which are guaranteed to make your skin wrinkle-free and radiant like Korean Celebrities, so start following these tips from today and give a better look on New Year eve.

Korean 10 Steps Skin Care Routine

Koreans have the most amazing skin because they spent quality time taking care of it. The Koreans have a special skin care regime which helps them to achieve glowing skin which acne and pores free. The baby soft skin can be attained by Korean ten step skincare routine. Pony a brilliant “Korean makeup artist” follows this 10 steps Korean skincare routine.

This 10 steps skincare routine is done twice a day, in the morning before getting to school or work and in the night before sleep. This routine needs 10 skincare items which include; oil-based cleanser, foam cleanser, exfoliate, toner, serum, essence, sheet mask, eye cream, night or day mask/ moisturizer, and SPF.  You can buy all these products from Stylenanda. Which has a huge verity of makeup products, Even they have a great collection of shoes, bags, skirts, pants as well. So for your New Year eve look you don’t need to go so far, just visit get your discount code for Stylenanda and avail up to 8% discount and free shipping as well. 

The first cleanser removes the make-up and dirt, the foam cleanser makes sure that the skin is dirt free. This double cleansing makes skin clean as a sheet. Exfoliate is used twice or thrice a week because exfoliating skin makes it dry by stripping off essential oils of the skin. The toner will tighten the pores and reduces inflammation. The serum and essence will make your skin supple and firm and reduce the appearance of pores. The sheet mask rejuvenates the skin making it pliant and shiny. The eye cream reduces puffiness, dark circles, and smooth out wrinkles. The night and day mask will keep the moisture locked in all day or night. SPF is necessary if you heading out in the day, it protects from sunburn and sun spots, keeps the harmful UV rays away and keeps your skin hydrated. 

424 Rule

The 10 steps Korean skincare routine is very extensive and tiring. You do not want to spend an hour cleaning and prepping your skin while you are bone tired. So, for those who are in favor of more short skincare routine 424 rule applies to them. Korean actress Bae Suzy opt for 424 rule follows 4 minutes of oil massage, 2 minutes of cleansing and 4 minutes of water rinsing. It requires fewer products compared to 10 steps skincare routine and it is comparatively short. These 424-skin rule will give you clean, acne-less, younger-looking skin.

Minimal Makeup

Once you have achieved the perfect Korean skin, you will realize you do not need a ton of concealer to cover up your dark circles or blemishes.  That is why Koreans celebrities use minimal makeup, just to enhance their features. The less makeup will allow your skin to breath because heavy makeup clogs up pores and set in fine lines. The light makeup application will retain the gleam of your natural skin and intensify the features of your choice. The Koreans mostly used cream-based makeup products, which gives more natural finish as they blend with the skin. The powder products are more intense and are hard to blend. Koreans also prefer lip tints over the matte bullet and liquid lipsticks as they are more natural looking and hydrating. The cream products can also be retouched again and again and because o their lighter formula they will not look overwhelming.

Straight Brows

The Korean celebrities have one very different feature that is their eyebrows. While rest in the world is busy tweezing their brows to perfect arch, Koreans keep them straight and bushy. The straight thick eyebrows give the appearance of youth, they define and frames the entire face making it appear fresh and under-age. You can achieve these brows by growing out your brows and shaping them to straight arch. If you have naturally thin eye brows you can make them appear thick by the help of eye brow pencils, powder and eyebrow gel

C-Curl Hairs

The Koreans celebrities’ style their hairs with c-curls. The hairs are pretty much straight on the top and curled loosely into c-shape at the end. This style makes their hair appear thicker, natural and effortless. You can create this hairstyle by curling iron, hair brushes and rollers. You can also get them permed lightly from a hair professional or salon.

See Through Fringe

If you have been combating bigger forehead, then this Korean hair technique will change your life for the better. The see-through fringe is the puffy bangs at the front which make the forehead appear more shorter and gives the younger looking appearance.

8-Hour Sleep

Another very important step to gain Korean celebrity skin is to get beauty sleep. Song Ji-Hyo believes in minimal effort and the maximum impact that can be attained by night long sleep. By maintaining a proper routine and getting proper sleep, the body metabolic activities will be regulated properly. The proper metabolism ensures the smooth running of all bodily function which includes the regeneration of skin cells. The 8 hours’ sleep will not only revitalize your mind but will also give a healthy and well-rested glow to your skin. The proper night rest also reduces the appearance of dark circles, redness, and puffiness of eye and the rest of the face. 

Loads And Loads Of Water

It is the most vital step to any skincare routine. The Koreans are very diligent when it comes to skin care and another tip is to drink plenty of water. From popular girl band “Secret” the star Song Ji-Eun insists on drinking lots of water. The water flushes out the toxin which is responsible for making your skin appear dull and gray. The water also makes your skin supple and smooth by retaining the cell pressure. That is why it is very important to keep your body hydrated. It is difficult to drink 8-9 glasses of plain water you can also switch it with fresh vegetables and fruits juices. 

You can also switch to detox water, there are tons of recipes for detox water and you can custom create it according to your liking. These 8 Korean celebrity secrets will transform your skin. You will begin to see the noticeable difference in your skin in just a few days. Do tell us in the comments, are you gripped with Korean celebrities? Would you follow these tips to achieve Korean Celebrity look

Published On: December 28, 2018