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Can You Dare To Wear These Halloween Costumes?

Some people are not afraid of standing out from the crowd and for such individuals there are some really weird costumes to try out this year. From political jokes to simply nonsensical ideas, there is a fairly large variety of such costumes. But Halloween is the time where you can either go big or go home. Here we have some really bizarre costumes to take your Halloween game to the next level:

Be a Big Cry Baby

It’s sometimes fun to mock your own self and if you are called a big cry baby by your friends, this bizarre Adult Cry Baby Mask from Spirit Halloween is the perfect fit for you. It is just plain funny and weird at the same time but probably no one will tell you this because you might cry.

Be an Even Bigger Baby with This Adult Duck Onesie

Why stop at the mask when you can be a baby head to toe? Women can wear the Adult Duck Print Onesie in Pink from Spirit Halloween. All you are missing now is a crib or a milk bottle and you know what, those are available too on this store.

Obviously Trump will be Huge This Halloween

So are you thinking of taking a jab at President Trump? The Trump Piggyback Inflatable Costume from Trendy Halloween is a crazy costume to wear this year. And you can get it for cheaper if you use discount code.It is a unisex costume with Trump body on the legs of the costume. You will be making billions and billions of people laugh!

How about a basketball ring?

The ball will literally be in your court with this funny costume. You are basically a walking basketball ring with a ball. But hey if you are a basketball fan, you can even be the entire court (if there is such a costume). When everyone this year goes political or follows one of the many popular movie or television characters, you can stand apart with the ring on your chest.

The Poop Emoji is Still Weirdly Funny

Is it poop? Is it ice-cream? The debate goes on. But one thing is sure that this emoji costume is downright hilarious. It is inflatable so there will be a lot of it like after eating a lot of spicy food (pun intended). Regardless, people love it and it would not be surprising if this gets sold out weeks before Halloween.So if you want to be poop emoji this year, better hurry up and may be even save money on it!

Halloween is all about going crazy and wearing the unthinkable. Luckily enough there are costumes weird enough to make your Halloween night the one to talk about. However, know that some of these costumes are difficult to construct and can cost a lot. Using coupon codes you can bring the price tag at least a bit down and make sure to stand out this year.

Published On: October 06, 2017