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Shut the Pain Out—Follow the Tips and Walk Gracefully in Heels

Years back when Marylyn Monroe purportedly said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she will conquer the world,” we are certain that she was talking about heels. What’s holding you back from making the headlines is probably the lack of edge in your footwear. Right now, if you don’t know how to walk in heels, this might essentially nullify any potential conquests, whether you are in bar or a boardroom. Now or then, you might be willing or obligated to wear heels and believe easy to go-hell-confident in heels if you know how to master this heel-walking art. And, for this you need to have patience, practice and few practical tips and must-have essentials in your shoe wardrobe then you will be walking in them without trembling.

For our community members we have assembled number of extremely helpful tips how to walk comfortably in heels without messing up with your gesture or falling down. It would be great if you take these tips seriously and put your heart and mind trying them ASAP and in result: Soon, you will be walking in heels with grace and ease.

Scroll down and check out some worth-trying advice, and while you are here, why not give a discount treat to yourself with a new pair of killer heels from our shoes section? After all, you will be in need to test your new skills wearing some dead gorgeous heels.

Size Matter Big-Time

First and foremost, mistake women usually make, that costs huge, would probably not getting the right shoe size for their feet. When you get smaller size in shoes, an uncomfortable feeling will steal away the confidence and rather than wanting to walk, you will want to stop. Whereas in case of bigger size, their feet will slide around awkwardly. So there whole attention will remain to stop that movement rather than pay attention on how to walk properly. So, it’s better to get the right size and it’s better to try shoes before buying. The other fact that drives women buying the shoes of wrong size, their feet size changes years after years;it can change as much as one full size, especially after having kids. So before buying shoes online, do measure your feet properly, for width and for length as well.

The Thicker the Heels, the Better

Whether you are newbie to this heel-craze or know how to walk in them, it’s better to avoid thin heels, the stilettos. Especially when you are professional women who never want to be guilty because of her fashion choices. Thinner heels can easily cause your feet to wobble around. Sometimes, it’s the dress call for a stiletto, in that case, make sure the inside is most comfortable. If every dayyou’re wearing stilettos, you should consider a chunkier heel style and change it up a bit.

Tip: Kick your shoes off throughout the day and best if you stretch your ankles and toes around the day.

Walk heel to Toe, Not Toe to Heel

It’s not only a big-thing to learn caring your super-stylish outfits. But walking in heels is also a science, if you are a beginner. And, undeniably, there is a huge difference walking in flats and walking in heels, the easiest way to look like an amateur while wearing heels: Put your whole foot down at once as you do when wearing flats. So, be conscious, in start, how you are placing your feet when heels are on. The fluent way of walking in heels is to put your heel down first, followed by your toe. In this your walk look more natural and you will also feel composed.Remember, A stroll in your trainers is not same as spending a fun night in high heels—you will need to pay way more attention to the rest of your body. You will even need to engage your abs and walk heel-to-toe, this is how you can give your feet the best chance to walk stylishly in heels.

In Start Wear Heels with Platform

Instead of getting in to trouble wearing heels without platform, get a pair with a good platform. This will help you managing your posture and will be bit easy to stay balanced, walk with bit ease, understand the way you should follow while walking in heels. And once you are comfortable wearing and waling in heels with platform than try the heels that doesn’t have platform. 

Tip: Take special care of your shoes so they will last longer and will also keep you from any mishap.

Practice with heels and Be Confident

You must have heard the saying “practice makes perfect”; it’s time to implement on this as a fashionable girl who stays chic with her styling. Wear the heels you recently bought (no offense, if you want to do practice in old ones!), stand in them to balance yourself. Practice standing and then walk a few steps. Doing this regularly, you will get accustomed to the high heels and will learn a more confident way to walk in them. With practice, it isn’t difficult to attain the right posture. Many women get scared of wearing heels because they aren’t used to of walking in them. And this is why, when they wear heels, the terrible feeling is easily shown on their face. So, practice will definitely make them more confident, and any woman can carry off a heel. 

Useful Tip: Before wearing them and go out, it’s best to wear your heels within the house by pulling on a pair of thick socks and walk around in them for a few hours. This will stretch all the areas that are need to be bit loose otherwise it might pinch your feet.

Your Steps Does Matter—Don’t Rush

Walking in heels might not be as easy as A-B-C, but isn’t something that you can’t do! There is a key to walking in heels and that is trying a Y-step. It’s better to try landing on the outer border of the heel and toe off. When walking in high heels, it’s important, to lead with the ball of the foot. Don’t lead with the heel as your whole weight will often make the high heel collapse and result will be bad, it can cause an accident or injury. Tho, wearing heels makes your footsteps shorter than normal, so it’s best to have an increased number of small steps to go the same distance. Here, we aren’t recommending baby steps, avoid usual long strides either.

Whereas, trying to walk in hurry wearing heels often make your walk looking quite awkward and that’s what you never want. When taking smaller steps and keeping the compromised balance, it’s best to walk taking your time in heels. And walking slowly in them will give off an air of confidence.

In Heels, Visualize You are Walking in Straight Line

No matter what size of heels you love to wear, but once you are done with good practice of wearing heels, and then focus on other aspects:  get the right size of shoes, and others. This is how you can be ready to go out in your heels with confidence, and then follow the key point: Just visualize that you are walking in a straight line. In this way, you will get better results. When you want to draw a straight line in note book, you will get perfect results if you concentrate at your end point as you are drawing it, Instead of looking at the movement of pencil. Same goes for heels, you walk gracefully in them when you look at the goal point.

Do you think we are missing some tips for staying steady while walking in heels?? Be the first one to let us know in the comment box below!

Published On: April 05, 2017