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Do you own one of Kohl’s “Yes 2 You” Reward Account? It’s time to build one

If you are a discount fanatic, you might remember a year ago when one of the biggest retailing brand Kohls announced “Yes 2 You” rewards. The 5% cash back adding in the accounts of store’s loyal customers opened up a new window for the customers to shop more value for less spending at their favorite store. 

So, Kohl’s had a loyalty program ongoing already but let’s review “What did it exactly mean when it changed to Yes 2 You?”

Kohl’s wanted more than Sales 

And they earned it. The online shopping has risen the competition for a while which puts bigger retailing chains in difficult circumstances several times during the year. Last year was no different but “earning the loyalty” might have become the highest priority.
Of course, stores see shopping benefits as the major driver of buyer interest (we do too, not a secret). So, Yes 2 You was started with a wave on twitter and customers were able to instantly connect on their very preferred, “online” level. The $5 reward on spending of $100 kicked off great and it is recent that the store has marked potential growth not only in its sales but in advertising opportunities too.

The very focused buyers who care about collecting all the points they can get to shop brands at Kohl’s store, is exactly the kind of data any retailing chain would look forward to.

Customers wanted more than Sales

Inflation is not a nightmare anymore. The rise in minimalist approach gives us substantial signs that consumers have clear control over their reactions. So, when they showed reaction to Kohl’s campaign, it didn’t come out of excitement.
The campaign has been ongoing for more than a year and trends show us that even in magnanimous era of discounts and mobile coupon apps, consumer would still like to stay with one reliable brand. Of course, in case if it does offer values. The increased potential or interest in loyalty program may not just be accredited to the discount return, the priority given to the designs, variety, facility and branding definitely has a share in it.

Why You should make a “Yes 2 You” Account

Let’s, Cut to the chase, You want to shop from Kohl’s and the idea of rewards only promote this desire. Yet, here is a flash back of “Why consumers have recently signed up in volumes for the program?”

- They have well-managed system for handle coupons. In store or online, you can stack and use coupons for different brands.

- Their reward program is pretty simple. There are no hidden policies.

- Brands, in fact great brands have been making quite a statement in Kohls collection.

- You can shop it all at the store

- Their Free Shipping offers are quite frequent

- It’s a shop for everyone opportunity. 

Published On: December 16, 2015