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Modest Fashion on the Rise

Who would have thought that we will see a runway show in New York full of models wearing hijabs? Muslim fashion or what it is usually called ‘modest fashion’ is going big. And we can see proof everywhere as trends in hijabs, scarves and abayas are spreading quite fast especially in Asia. The biggest sign of this new revolution is the brand ‘Modanisa’ which is considered synonymous with modest fashion.


The retailer that originated in Turkey hosted a Modest Fashion Week in London. The brand takes unique twists on traditional wear for Muslim women and makes it super pretty and interesting. Gone are the days when someone talked about a modest Muslim woman and an image of a black burqa clad woman would appear in mind. One of the biggest misconceptions about fashion is that it means showing skin. On the contrary, anything can be turned fashionable be it a jeans, skirt or a hijab. Vanessa Freidman of the New York Times said that the modest fashion movement is a defining trend of the current era. What more would one need to hear then to know that this form of style is the next big thing?

Modanisa is one of the pioneering brands in this movement and has helped many Muslim women have their own unique style. Whether you just wear hijabs or a full on burqa, you will find something to your taste in their plethora of a collection. And despite being such a popular brand, the prices are quite reasonable. And for those that are frugal, there are always coupon codes to use.

After London, Singapore saw a strong presence of modest clothing in its fashion scene.  had a modest line at the Singapore Fashion Week. Retailers from all around Asia were present at the event and you know what that means, more women will have access to these lines. And it is not surprising to see such a rapid growth of modest fashion in Asia considering that Asia has the largest population of Muslims. Nevertheless, even on the global level higher necklines, lower hems, and layers are on the rise.

It is only a matter of time until we see more of such fashion on the major runways like Milan, Tokyo and most importantly Paris. If you are a woman who likes hijabs, shawls or burkinis, brace yourself for more trends and style in your life. 

Published On: November 15, 2017