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Standards that Extreme Couponers don’t Compromise on- You can take Hints

Since the time Extreme Couponing has been on air, our generations are considering extreme couponing more seriously. After watching each episode the women have their mind sensors seem to get trained to detect the word discount and they try to achieve those targets that they had witnessed in the shortest time possible. But know that extreme couponing is not just an episode which you can shot in a day or two. It’s in fact continuous hard work of couponers who maintain these books and keep an eye on the every update, though things have got much easier with social media and digital couponing apps.

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Consistency is the key here, that you should never lose hold of. If you want to become a real time extreme couponing personality, there is good news that you can do it. But wait you will have to become a calm and composed person first that all couponers are after which you can lead to your saving goals more effectively. My cheat sheet coming straight from my favorite couponing personalities is here to help:

Excitement is a NO

Extreme couponers would like to make more informed decisions rather than rushing for a discount. With their experience they have learned that deals can be great or hideous coming from reliable brands. But they wait until they have analyzed the deal and compared it with real prices and offers before they finally go to purchase.

Organized Living is a Yes

Extreme couponers will always have their stuff well organized from their kitchen closets to their purse. They like to have a clear idea of everything from their present stalk to the required. They have an unbeatable shopping strategy that never makes them run out of things or miss on savings.

Patience in tempting situations

By difficult places I mean stores and malls with ravishingly attractive stocks. Extreme couponers will be strong in those moments when others may get weak. Couponers will behave like an adult and check the quality and price closely of the most attractive dress. Creative ones may also look for options which can be recreated later. They will never fall flat for seemingly attractive offer.

Reading and Negotiation Powers

Extreme couponers know where they can make a move and so they read the terms before applying for discounts or quitting when the cashier claims that discount is not available. A real couponer is a confident personality sure of personal negotiation abilities and therefore when they see that the store or vendor may likely to make a move, they gently go for it.

They like quality better

There is often a misconception about extreme couponers that they will take discounts over quality which is not true. Couponers prefer brands with great quality products all the time. They may cut their list short or find branded alternatives but they will never opt to go for an inexpensive low quality material.

They are generous

When it comes to sharing resources or giving gifts, you will find lots of surprising facts about extreme couponers. They are caring people with lots of deep thinking and affection for their circle. Couponers will always grab a good deal with favorite products for their friends and best gift ideas on special occasions are most likely to come from them.

These are a few must qualities in intelligent frugal personalities. Improvise and invent some unique of your own so that upcoming couponers may follow your steps.

Published On: November 18, 2015