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SVMoscow: Check Out The Best Concept Store in Russia Featuring Vetements, Commes des Garcons and Volga Volga

If you are one of those people who are always after the latest fashion from edgy brands, SVMoscow should be your go to place. The concept store featuring some of the most sought after brands is considered the best for luxury shopping in Moscow, Russia. You can find latest collections from names like Balenciaga, JunyaWantanabe, Ann Demeulemeester, Raf Simons, Y3, Fear of God and most importantly Vetements.

The store earlier this year collaborated with the house Vetements for a Communism inspired hoodie. The collaboration with Georgian born designer DemnaGvasalia’s fashion house celebrated the country’s communist past. Like most of Vetement’s creations, this hoodie was oversized purely red and adorned with the hammer and sickle symbol. The political icon was emblazoned on the sleeve and the whole hoodie could was simply Soviet red colored. Even though Communism is considered dead in most parts of the world, it still somewhat lives in the culture of Russia. And this collaboration was very brave and very Vetement which is changing how we consume fashion. Another collaboration again with Demna was a black hoodie dedicated to veteran Russian singer Zemfira. The singer apparently is a favorite of the designer.

From jackets to sneakers, SVMoscow has some of the best things in high fashion today often straight off the runway. It is like a gateway for novice trends into the Russian territories and beyond. Even though the communist hoodie was exclusively produced for SVMoscow, it gained so much popularity abroad especially when Kim Kardashian wore it. Yes, there were critics too that despised the presence of communist symbols in fashion but largely the large sized hoodie was loved by the people.

If you love what Demna does at his own label and at Balenciaga, you will love this store. Why? It essentially carries all the brands that follow their own philosophy and create things that as we call it in modern times go ‘viral.’ Obviously, these are all luxury brands at the end of the day and you can expect to pay big money. However, it is a tad bit cheaper if you buy from this store rather than the brand itself because of promo codes. Vogue France did not name it one of the 10 best concept stores in the world for nothing. 

Published On: November 10, 2017