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Professional Attire is more Liberal Now - Are you making the most of it?

Finally, it’s the time what we all were waiting for and especially great news for ones who had never been friends with dress pant and suits, instead they feel top of the world when wearing jeans, t-shirts, skirts, and others casual wear.  From last few years, we have clearly viewed that suit has loosened its grip at work place. And this happened just because a huge number of professional careers redefining and setting example of what it actually means to dress smart.

Now-a-days, it’s more likely that many people among us will never have to wear anything much formal than a smart pair of tailored trousers. Because the days of donning stiff shirts, stuffy suits, and tie are on their way to say bye to us. It’s more important to stay comfortable and relaxed while performing tasks at office then to dress-up in a suit and work for longer working hours.

Look around; as you will get plenty of people who are mending our ways enjoy wearing casual pieces to work too.  Have a look at Celine’s Phoebe Philo, who is redefining what can be worn to office; she was spotted wearing roll necks with crisp white trainers. And this is what we called a shift from corporate identity to a much individual one. Even the most unbelievable of style heroes—Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs demonstrate that wearing trainers and y-shirts to the work place continuously can be a modern working uniform and signify creativity.

From accountants to CEOs, the rules of office-styling are changing big-time. Here, we are featuring top three casual wear options that can excite you to the level!!

Sneaker Pumps

High heels are never going out of style and from office place too, but when someone can perform his/her task skillfully in pair of sneakers then bring it on!! But thing to remember: while trainers are offering more comfort to you, this doesn’t mean that you can afford to get lazy. Going to the office in a ratty or glittery pair of sneakers won’t make the cut; rather, take advantage of the thriving success of other top-notch brands.

Don’t forget to style at your best in these casual footies too. The trick to look smart wearing trainers is to pair them up with a straight cut jean or tailored trousers with a boxy blazer.

It’s All About Jeans

Gone are the days when you need to reserve your jeans for weekend, as they have finally ditched their dangerous liaison with the stonewashed Jemery Clarkson and soccer mums effect. Rather, they have now made their way in and of the well-edited work closet with plenty of designers thrusting a myriad of fashionable pair of jeans in our direction.

From high-waist to frayed, to indigo and cropped jeans, you can’t jump into the office, wearing any of your old pair. Instead wear the jean that has class and sophistication. A boom in the market has seen brands that are designing denim with natural simplicity. To get pair of jeans that never let you sacrifice the smart dressing and your money, visit The store has huge range of jeans in affordable price. To add more charm to your purchasing, grab the Mavi coupon codes available right here for you. Without wasting a second, get your hands filled with the ultimate collection of jeans for both, men and women.

Tattoo—No More of a Taboo

For many years, tattoos have been considered as a part of counter-culture. But now, as the time is passing, acceptance of tattoos at workplace is becoming easier and they are increasingly becoming part of life and more popular than ever. From celebs like PM’s wife Samantha Cameron to Victoria Beckham, tattoos are luckily becoming a usual part of mainstream.

At last, modern offices and entrepreneurs are recognizing that having the skin art has nothing to do with your ability of performing tasks and do creative work.

These are just the initial steps the office-wear industry is taking and making office attire comfortable as never before.  And hope that offices will give enough space to its employees to wear the most relaxed apparel and footwear to enjoy their working hours and perform their duties masterly.

Published On: February 04, 2017