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Science Says Yes to Workout clothes too! These are some marvelous options

New Year comes with new resolutions, and almost every woman has promised herself to hit gym regularly to stay active, fit, and YES SEXY!! Then stick to it and don’t let your plans remain plans this time. We hope that nothing and cold doesn’t stop you from meeting your weight loss goals. And we certainly have an interesting idea to make that happen.

To hit the gym and live the adventure trip fully, you need clothing that has class, style, and comfort. Make one more resolution this year and every year to come that you will never be caught without having some real active wear in your closet, they are as important as a chic LBD to any wardrobe.

Also, Science surveys attest to the importance of great workout clothes. Splurging on a cool active wear can actually boost and motivate any one to work out for real!! And like we said, what you are wearing can subconsciously change the way you respond, we have listed down some active clothing pieces that can give you that extra push to jump out of the home and stay active.

Need to break a sweat in 2017??? Gear up with these listed active clothing pieces!!

Long Sleeves Shirts

These long sleeves workout cozy tops could also be worn when going to bed, and this may also help you not to excuse hitting gym in the a.m. These shirts are made of a supreme quality fabric that is ideal for pounding the pavement, yoga class, or when doing any other activity.

Left Lane Sports Drop Top long sleeve

Price of this piece: $36.95 **Sale 49% Off**

Gym Shark Seamless Long Sleeve Top

Price of this piece: $44.00

Left Lane Sports Engaging Top

Price of this piece: $29.95 **Sale 57% Off**

Leggings—allow you for every pose

Any one can’t help but get inspired with the beauty and ease they feel while performing any activity or workout wearing a pair of leggings. You can also use them as a base layer on cold days for skiing, hiking, or other snow sports. Now, the available variety of designs and great prints makes it convenient to even wear them while attending your class at college/university, go out wearing them as a casual wear, and obviously you will be glad to use them while doing workout and any other adventure-filled task. 

Gym Shark Flex Leggings

Price of this piece: $44.00

Left Lane Sports Distinctive Leggings

Price of this piece: $34.95 **Sale 49% Off**

Gym Shark Kaleidoscope Leggings

Price of this piece: $54.00

Left Lane Sports Aisha Capri

Price of this piece: $17.95 **Sale 63% Off**

Sports Bra

Are you planning to up your mileage in 2017??? Go ahead and don’t forget to get the most amazing sports bra, as it will be your new BFF and you will easily meet the targets you set for yourself. Whether it’s an adventure trip where you are going to take part in number of physical activities or morning running or a full-sweating workout, this piece is must to have. Every bra has its own specifications like gel-infused straps, structured panels that provide an incredible supportive fit, ultra smooth fabric, and others to help you going further and faster this year than ever before.

Gym Shark Balance Sports Bralette

Price of this piece: $26.60 **Sale 12% Off**

Left Lane Sports Bellissima Cycling Bra

Price of this piece: $29.95 **Sale 50% Off**

Left Lane Sports The Shockingly Unshocking Print Bra

Price of this piece: $43.95 **Sale 19% Off**

Socks, Headwear, and Gloves

Slip the accessories like socks, gloves, and headwear and you will feel instant warmth and won’t be affected no matter how low the temps go. Get your feet and hands toasty for the longest days with quality and comfortable pair of socks. Whether you need counter socks, quarter one, or full length socks, we have covered and featured all of them.  Get the one as per your choice with great discounts.

Left Lane Sports Speed Shift Gloves

Price of this piece: $17.99 **Sale 64% Off**

Left Lane Sports Komen Relaxed Cap

Price of this piece: $5.95 **Sale 76% Off**

Left Lane Sports Pro Pacer 3 Quarter Socks

Price of this piece: $5.95 **Sale 76% Off**

Layering with Jacket, Vest, Hoodie

When the weather is turning your wish to work out and enjoy with friend on some adventure trip, then give the cold thought fight layering these pieces. Get any of the water resistant, heat-retaining inners, and with other specifications. Whether you are going g on a morning run or a night walk, they can make you feel warm and cozy.

Left Lane Sports Elevated Mid Jacket

Price of this piece: $79.95 **Sale 43% Off**

Gym Shark Fit Hoodie Grey Marl/Mint Green

Price of this piece: $44.00

Left Lane Sports Challenger Vest

Price of this piece: $79.95 **Sale 54% Off**

Don’t think much and let this year be the game changer, get into shape and feel as superb as never before. The amazing part is that these pieces and lots of others can be purchased using coupon codes and saving deals right here. 

Published On: January 19, 2017