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Basics of Perfect Wardrobe – Only Smart Ones will own this Checklist

What makes you a pro fashion buyer? It’s a status that almost each one of us wants to achieve but we often don’t make it to that level. In an era, when appearance defines you, style adds substance to your personality and choices and ease of shopping has left you no excuse, it is valid that we put some thinking an effort on what we are buying and how we are buying it. Spending too much time on inspirational stores virtually or physically might give you a sense of what’s in trend but doesn’t improve your shopping pattern in any way. In fact, they might make you either a compulsive shopper or too confused between the choices. 

If you want to have elements in your wardrobe that create a stylish identity for you and won’t feel like a waste of money, then these tips might help. Follow the lead of fashion buyers whom we recognize for making least of buying mistakes. 

Know your Fabrics 

What’s the first thing that makes you comfortable about a dress? That it doesn’t feel cheap to you or others. In shop clothing formula, fabric quality is a constant that absolutely no one may dare to deny. 

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Whether it’s just ready to wear or you will be offering alterations to it, the quality fabric will offer you a great deal. Cotton, Knit, Silk, Chambray or Denim, anything you choose must be filled with tons of quality and should be far away from synthetic fabric that can’t pull off a presentable look even for the first few times. 

Be Exclusive 

Surfing the brands is fun. Really, if you are having a bad day sitting at sofa, searching different brands and finding out their discounts can turn it all in to a pleasant situation. However, your fashion budget might be at risk.

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If brand loyalty and fashion budget doesn’t seem like a match to you then you might own piles of “nothing to wear”. Brands you know bring you confidence, assurance and style. It’s never a waste of your investment. The specific brand has taste and cuts that suit your body and you know how they will fit right and how you can carry them at best even when you are shopping last minute.

Big INVESTMENTS- won’t bite when….

Bags, rings, watches, necklaces, shoes, smart shoppers may invest heavy in them and then also over-use them, calling it statement. If you are going for classic pieces by big brands, it’s a great idea and always will elevate your fashion a little more. 

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Plus, good bags are highly correlated to good mood. Anything for good vibes?

Go After Sales 

Building a quality wardrobe needs all kind of smart moves and saving should be a big consideration for smart buyers. They can’t just splurge on a designer bag/dress/anything, and regret it later when it goes on sale. Why spend your budget on one of the things you love when you can enjoy two in same amount? Designer sales are big on off season for anything like they will be in rush to clear summer wear out of their stock by September.
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Make sure that you are going for final sale of the store you know (their size and quality), because these items usually won’t return. The coupons and reminders are great to keep you on track of ‘fashion on budget’.

Try it when you can

Trying on clothes is your advantage and gives idea of if it will fit and look good. Try it on, if you like it without one alteration or two, you should buy it. Otherwise leave it. Liking it for one factor or two won’t make it a choice that you will be proud of in a while.

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Check if its usable for Long Time 

Fibers that you can protect, wash, keep comfortably and styles that will go easy with most of basic and new trends. A good wardrobe has to have jackets, oversized coats and good denim that will practically go with anything else you are welcoming in your wardrobe. 

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You will not like to have pills after a while so also consider examining the stitch and strength of fibers. Learn what concentration of blended fibers you can afford that will be weather and wash perfect and should also offer timeless quality. 

How you protect your clothing and how you present it differently every time is also an art. You can learn a lot by styling experts pouring their hearts out on internet. When you get a hold on right constituents, you will feature Bon Chic, Bon Genre in the best way possible.

Published On: December 17, 2015