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Taylor Swift Street Style Guide

For every girl who has been through a heartbreak for sure knows the chord or two of Taylor Swift’s songs, from her debut in 2007 ‘Love Story’; she has mesmerized the audience with her incredible music. The teenage singer blossomed from girl next door to Hollywood diva, in the past few years and along with her songs her everyday style is stealing the hearts too. I am sure I am not alone to struggle to dress up every day for school or work or just going out for a stroll.

Taylor Swift: Official Instagram

Dressing up casual while looking cool and hip is every girl’s dream come true, while it seems easy to pick outfits that scream casual in real life it is not easy to do so, but as I have been a fan of Swift, other than her song lyrics I have also learned styling tips from her everyday style. If you are wondering to do the same, keep on reading!

Flannel Shirt and Ripped jeans

The epitome of cool ripped jeans, jeans, in particular, are effortless and sassy, easy to wear and you can top it off with a blouse, t-shirt, flannel shirt or don a flannel shirt with the plain white tee. You can wear this outfit to school or to your work where you are not bound to dress formally, trust me this one never goes out of style.

Taylor Swift: Official Instagram

Conservative jumpsuit

We will never get tired of jumpsuits they are the next best thing to jeans, just put it on and voila you are ready. Perfect for casual brunches, formal office wear, and dinner dates. The sleek black jumpsuit of Taylor is a must-have staple, it magically looks good on everyone. You can dress it up and dress it down, for the dazzling effect you can layer it with jewelry and other accessories.

Flared mid-thigh skirts

If you are tired of leg sweating and want to ditch your jeans then switch up to skirts, the flared mid-thigh skirt continues to fascinate the masses. Not only they make you look taller but also give the sophisticated polished look. The flared hemline helps your physique appear like hourglass shape plus it can be paired with a variety of options. You can buy skirts from Lane Crawford at up to 20% off. Plain pastel skirts in summers are like a breath of fresh air, wear it tomorrow and be ready to turn more than few heads!

Sleek bob with bangs

When we talk about styling other than outfits and accessories, there are other things that are to be included such as makeup and hairstyle. We can never think of a time when Taylor Swift went out without bangs, she always had bangs which has always made her appear very youthful and carefree. They frame your face and make your jawline more prominent. This is very easy to style with no hassle of brushing and braiding, the chin-length bob instantly gives the appealing cinematic effect without doing much.

Taylor Swift: Official Instagram

Classic cherry red lips

Although red lips were the mark of iconic legendary Marilyn Monroe in recent time the red lips are synonymous with Taylor Swift too. Although the nude shades are more preferred as they are more forgiving when smudged but the bold red lips are attention-grabbing and universally flattering. The vintage vibes give a monro-esque image, the red color make you appear more fresh and vibrant paired up with any outfit for day or night; it will make you look like a diva from past.

Black polarized sunglasses

If you go through Taylor Swift’s daytime picture you will see that she never steps out without sunglasses ever. Sunglasses are not only the fashion accessory but a summer must-have to protect your eyes from blaring sunlight. There is something about black polarized sunglasses that makes you appear more mysterious, trendy and saves your eyesight at the same time. There are plenty of options in sunglasses to go with every face shape, you can visit to see JoyLot that which style flatters your face shape best, incorporate into your daily style and you will instantly spot the difference as it lit up the whole appearance with minimal effort.

Ankle boots and black jeans

Jeans is for sure the cult favorite of both genders and for all the ages but the black jeans have no doubt stood the test of time.  The skinny jeans mold to your shapely legs and help you channel power mantra, not only you can wear it during the day but you can also wear it in evening for more formal settings. Ankle boots are another favorite of Taylor Swift you can spot them in almost in every picture. Ankle boots are comfortable yet they give glamorous effect every time they can be worn over any outfit that is why they have been solidified as a must-have. 

Comfy sweater on jeans

For us its summer time but in many regions around the globe, it is still freezing.  When we think of winters, sweaters always pop up in our minds because they are comfy and warm. Sweaters are not meant to be worn in a home only and Taylor has just proved us that. Combine your favorite with a pair of jeans, legging or skirt and you are ready to go. You can get comfy sweaters from Peruvian Connection at up to 15% off. This nonchalant and timeless combo is absolutely perfect for winters.

Denim cutoff’s and tank tops

What can be more appropriate than denim cutoff in blazing summers? This has been a cult favorite item of all the girls and even Taylor Swift, top it off with a tank top and voila! You are ready to give off summer vibes. You can get tank tops from Strut-this at up to 15% off. The cutoffs make your legs look miles long and the exposure gives them yummy tan that everyone craves for. Other than tank-tops you can also pair it with tee-shirts and flannels shirts.

Denim Dungaree and Crop Top

Crop tops were closet staples in 2017 but that does not mean in 2018 you have to purge your wardrobes of crop tops. You can still make use of them in new ways. Taylor has been seen wearing half sleeved cropped top under black buttoned dungaree. Dungarees can instantly power boost your style as they are not the first go-to option while dressing for going out, once worn it looks nothing but chic and sultry.

Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is another staple from legendary Marilyn  Monroe yet again Taylor Swift has made it her style statement and set off a trend. The winged liner makes your eyes appear more elongated and dreamy and make you feel like as you have been plucked out of the silver screen. The winged eyeliner is the perfect kick-start of your day although it takes some time to master the balanced wings on both eyes but when once you achieve that talent, your life will be 10 times easy with this pinup appeal.

The pieces of Taylor Swift’s wardrobe have made my closet more versatile and trendy. These outfits look flattering almost on every body type and more than that they are very easy to shop. These items can be bought from any nearby store without much hassle, even if you are not a fan of going out shopping you can purchase it online too. While you are shopping for these items do not forget to use your saving coupon to get discount on your order, after all, it does hurt to save some money or does it?
What do you think of Taylor Swift style? Which one of her style will you adopt? Comment below to let us know! 

Published On: July 10, 2018