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Tips to keep your swimsuit last longer

Dry winters are about to go and we are ready to embrace summer with open arms. Summers and outdoors go hand in hand, when we think of summer we instantly think of beaches, pool and a lot of sunbathing. Swimsuits are vital parts of summer, however, finding a perfect swimsuit can take ages. There are thousands of swimsuits available in the market, you can find in dozens of different designs and in a variety of colors. Nevertheless, it is a lengthy task to find a suit, which is your perfect fit and looks flawless in pictures. Swimsuits are also expensive which means not everyone can afford new swimsuits every summer, especially students who live on limited pocket money. Even with discounts, the swimsuits can cost you precious bucks which usually last one trip. 

The swimsuits that cling to your right body parts are hard to find, that is why I have a few favorite swimsuits that I drag on every summer. Initially, all my favorite swimsuits were ripped to shreds after one summer and then I had to again search for perfect swimsuit next summer, but with few expert’s advice I find out ways to make my swimsuits last longer. Swimsuits are very fragile and can go out of shape after one season, most of the swimsuits are very fragile and need lots of precautions to make them last longer. Because good swimsuits are hard to come by, I have learned to take good care of my favorite swimsuits. If you struggle with preserving swimsuits as well then you need to learn a few tricks to preserve your swimsuits for next few summers!
First, I will point out the common mistakes that can easily ruin your gorgeous swimsuit that you have spent your fortune on:

1: Keep off sunscreen and body lotions

While you are slathering sunscreen try to keep it off from your swimsuit. The swimsuit fabric is very soft and chemicals in sunblock can easily affect the elasticity of swimsuit.

2. Do not immerse in chlorinated water

Bathing in chlorinated water is again no, no! the harsh chemical cause easily damages the fabric and can cause sagging patches in your swimsuit. Avoid staying in pools for a longer duration as they are usually heavily chlorinated.

3. Take off your swimsuit

 Do not stay long in your swimsuit, the body oils can also cause discoloration and your suit to lose its flexibility.

4. Washing in strong detergents: 

The strong detergents are meant for swimsuits, always use a mild soap to wash out your swimsuit.

5. Rotate your swimsuits:  

Do not wear the same swimsuit continuously, the swimsuits are usually made of spandex which requires at least 24 hours to restore its shape. If you are repeating any particular swimsuit you are not giving it time to restore itself.

6. Say no to hot water

Do not wash your swimsuits in hot water again it can deform it, while you are washing make sure that is the water temperature is normal if not cold.

7. Hand wash it thoroughly 

Like detergents, the washing machine is too turbulent for your delicate swimsuits it can easily make them lose their shape. Always wash them thoroughly with hands.

8. Wringing them

The wringing motion twists the and stretches the material of swimsuit which can disrupt its fabric and match it patchy and saggy. After you have rinsed your swimsuit thoroughly and made sure that all soap suds are out, gently wrap and roll it in a towel to make sure excess water is absorbed.

9. Do not sun dry them

After you have rolled your swimsuit in the towel and most of the water has been absorbed, do not lay out them to dry in sun, again the sunlight can cause discoloration and make fabric stiff, spread out your swimsuit on a plane surface and let them air dry.

10. Avoid water slides

The long slides break havoc on your swimsuits, the material of swimsuits clings to slides and runs through the entire ride. This friction can tear your swimsuit in one go.

Now that you have learned the common mistakes which decreases the life expectancy of swimsuits, they are some additional tips which can make it last even longer and keep them as good as new.

• Try to avoid scratchy surfaces which can easily scratch and irritate the bottoms of your swimsuits. Whenever you are sitting on sand or any other rough surface try to lay a blanket or towel first to avoid sitting directly.

• Try to wash your swimsuit as quickly as possible by avoiding all the washing mistakes that I have mentioned above. The longer it stays unwashed more prone it becomes to getting ripped.

• When the summers are over usually in swimsuits are thrown in the back of the closet or in any storage box. These places are often damp and not dry, in this condition the swimsuits cannot sustain for long. To increase last, then another season you have to store them in a place which is dry and properly ventilated so when you take it out in next season it is good as new!

Since I have started using these easy tips my summers have become easier. Without these mistakes, you can easily reserve your favorite swimsuits for numerous summers and they will remain as fresh as new.

Not only the following tips and tricks have saved me the cost of new swimsuits but also made me save the countless hours I tried each year looking for new swimsuits from store to store. Since summers are almost upon us, I know many of you are soon going to hunt for swimsuits, do not forget to look out for sales to get a hefty discount on your swimsuits. To save few more bucks you can always make use of your saving coupons and avail amazing deals on the latest swimsuits collection in stores.
Let us know in the comments below, what are your favorite tips to increase the longevity of your swimsuit?

Published On: March 07, 2019