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Top 10 Latest Fashion Trends For Teenagers

Just like everybody. Teenager girls and boys have the right to look elegant and smart. Gone are the days of their unawareness. Yes true that, previously mothers used to tell the teens girls and boys what to wear and what not. But now teens are fully aware of the situation. Now they want to decide their selves what suits them the best.

Teens are the biggest fashion freaks in this era. They want everything just perfect! There are many coolest designs which teenagers can carry perfectly. Here you will discover the latest fashion trends for teenage girls and teenage boys. Let’s break the monotonous of ‘Girl’s come first” and start with the boys. Have a look.

Freaking, Awesome Stuff!

  • Freaking stuff! What else come to mind except leather? Leather jackets are in fashion right now. Leather jackets give teenage boys the look of a cool dude. There are varieties of colors from which boys can choose but the color which suits them the most is the chocolate brown color, black color, grey color, beige color, maroon color and yes dark purple color.
  • Another good thing which they can carry is the pair of chic sneakers. Brightcolor sneakers are in fashion right now. Teenage should go with bright red, yellow, dark blue and purple color.

  • A right pair of sunglasses adds a spark in teenagerboy’s personality. There are many shades available but teenagers should go for the color reflection shades because it looks cool and ravishing.
  • Graphic tees are in fashion right now, so teens if you are planning a day out with your buddies, grab a graphic tee. It’s an amazing idea for a super casual look.
  • Trench coats can never go off fashion. Selection of hues play vital role in trench coat. Teenager boys should go with black beige, and chocolate brown color in it.

Teenage Girls Turn!

Now girlies here comes your turn. To become a fashion diva there are many things you should take in count.

  • Floral prints tops are in fashion right now. Making a pair of floral print top with tight paints is something super-hot! Before choosing any floral top take care that your chosen floral top has small flower pattern because small flower pattern will make you look slimmer

  • Miniskirts with a casual sleeveless top are up in fashion. You can choose the colors from funky to decent colors likewise, yellow, purple, beige, aqua and many others.
  • Heels, WOAH! Yeah heels always look amazing, whatever look you carry heels can bring a charm to your personality. You can go with the pencil heels or you can go with the wedges as well, both of them are in fashion right now.
  •  Accessories are in fashion. You can choose a long chain necklace or else can choose a broad necklace; both of them will compliment your personality. Moreover you can have bracelets as well but not in large quantity
  • A right pair of glasses will surely add a spark in your look, choose the best shades. It’s better to go with funky color shades as they are in fashion right now. You can choose different hues like brown, yellow, orange, purple and many other colors.

Published On: October 02, 2014